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I joined the Yahoo group, I intend to ask a few questions. My problem is how they define "God": "The personification of the infinite and eternal universe"

I follow the current scientific theory that the universe has a beginning, and is finite. So I sent the owner of the site an email asking if peope like me would be excluded according to his definition.

Anyways, what do you guys think?

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On a completely unrelated note, i think a normal smile smiley will do :P Now I will leave your discussion alone ^^
I have always viewed personification as a metaphor, whereas anthromorphism is taking personification literally. I don't know if this is how these people view it or not, but thats how i have always seen it.

I emailed the founder of the group, asking him about the definition of god, and he said "No, whether one agrees with the specific details of the posted definition is not important. Only the essence of the movement is important. :-)"

A lot of people in the group don't even use the god term, because it is so tied up with the theistic definitions.
Actually, I wrote a short piece on this topic

(reminds me I should add it to my blog!)

I'm always a bit reticent when using the word "spiritual" and always have to define it first as has so much history of meanings. There is, however, an inner path of knowledge that atheist literature often dismisses because most of the time it is couched in a religious doctrine or practice. The mistake of nearly all religions is to mistake altered mental states and religious visions for external realities. If we could learn that these are not verification of supernatural beings and also not mere delusions, then we can all make some progress towards a greater knowledge of how our minds work.

As a thought, perhaps esoteric atheism is a better term than spiritual.



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