This is a topic that can cause many disagreements and ridicual from our comunity.  What I did (as a former pagan), was researched the word spiritual. Of or relating to the  mind or intellect, this is the meaning of the word when stripped of religion. I see the sunset, even though I know that it is particuals atmospher does it make it less beautiful? Have you ever held a new life in your hands? A human child or a kitten, it to is beautiful. The world is wonderous, the more we know the more unexplainable. This is how I feel. What do you think?

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I can understand why some people would call themselves "spiritual" atheists. I don't like to use that word for myself because "spiritual" implies some supernatural element, and I simply don't believe in anything supernatural. You're right though, there are marvelous things and events that fill us with a sense of strong emotion. But there are already perfectly fine words for this: awe, marvel, wonder. Just admitting that something is completely natural, like the birth of kittens, does not make it less significant or marvelous. In fact, that these things are completely natural and still beautiful and marvelous makes them even more awe-inspiring for me.
What you can't explain is not by definition unexplainable, it only means that you can't explain it at this moment. You can leave it at that, or if you require an explanation, you can investigate or experiment to gain more knowledge.

Why can't you just state that "the world is wondrous; the more I know, the more I can't explain"? It does not diminish the wonder and amazement that one can have about the wonders of the natural world, and it is more (intellectually) honest.




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