I was watching the end of a rugby match between Ireland and South Africa. South Africa had an incredible comeback and the man of the match naturally thanked his lord jc and all that kind of thing. Made me want to throw something at the tv. 

As the Scathing Atheist pointed out in the excellent diatribes, it suggests that dog has nothing better than choosing their side over curing cancer, stopping wars, the atrocity in Orlando, etc. The fact that the irony that the losing side was Ireland with a probable balance towards being catholic and god botherers doesn't come to mind for him. And did the Irish side thank dog for helping them lose? And as the diatribe from Scathing Atheist points out, it denigrates the efforts of the whole team and support staff somewhat.Really arrogant to think that of all the stuff out that there a game of rugby was the most important thing for an omnipotent being.

And as the muslim bunch seem to be more prevalent worldwide, there is going to come a day where the man of the match will thank allah. That should be fun when the xtians suddenly feel it is inappropriate to have religion in the sports arena! There is a very strong possibility of that happening in South Africa in the not too distant future, so will let you know then. Okay rant over.

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How refreshing it was to hear the winner of a boxing match (last night on TV) thank his trainer, family and friends--NOT god! I was already prepared to cringe.  

Glad to hear that; giving credit where credit is actually due!

(Like the story of someone invited to say the grace before a meal, who thanked the farmers and ranchers who grew the food, the truckers who transported it, the storekeepers, the cook... "But where's God?" "Exactly.")

Unless and until the sports fans' god arranges things so that both teams in a match win, he's always going to have some dissatisfied customers! Then again, any god worthy of respect and worship that can intervene in the world would instead/also, as Christopher said, be "curing cancer, stopping wars, the atrocity in Orlando, etc."!

I don't thank dogs unless they are nice and let me pet them.

As for this "sports and god thing" it's almost like being at war. God is on both sides but only one side is going to win. How does god handle that? Does the losing side thank him anyway even if they lost? I could just as easily see a match where the winner had praises for his friend, Charlie, and everybody wondered just what in the hell was going on. Who the hell is Charlie?

The devout are insane and this insanity is taught to all. Someone might ask you if you thanked god today, and you reply "for what?" They are next telling you that it's because of god that you got up this morning. (I wanted him to let me sleep a little longer.) Apparently we all have god's breath.

Is there a mouthwash for that?

Apropos: Mark Twain's powerful short story The War Prayer.

I think my least favorite thing is when my hubby watches Nascar, and they have a minister say a prayer before the national anthem. I get that they would like the racers to be protected and stay safe. Maybe they should say a special thanks to the people who provide all the safety equipment, and ask for that to be double-checked. Or, make sure in the drivers' meetings before that they caution them against letting their tempers cause them to do stupid, unsafe things. Might be time better spent, instead of begging the imaginary friend to protect them. 

I always liked the comedian who had a bit in his routine where he said that the game was going well until Jesus made him drop the ball....and that Jesus hated his team...

Anyway, that's what I think...

Yes, Nascar. I remember it well. Here they come around the track again, and  again, and again. If they are fast enough you will exercise your neck.

I like your post Rhonda B.

The idea of some deity helping some hotshot athlete hit a home run while kids are starving in Darfur and elsewhere by the millions to me is the height of absurdity.




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