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I don't think that praying for your death is what she intended. I think what she wanted was a sign from her sky man to show her if the relationship should carry on or not, unfortunately she chose your death as the sign. This sounds selfish to me as it sounds like she may have no regard for your life because she proposed your life or death to be the sign. In my opinion, whether she was praying for your death or was simpy looking for a sign by means of your death, she needs help. It is up to you whether or not you want to stay by her side or not, you cannot take our advice as we aren't really a part of the situation and don't know you or her personally.
Yeah I know, but theists can be a bit odd sometimes. Even if she was only looking for a sign, she proposed his death as the sign, showing her complete disregard for his life. This is not normal and that is why I said she may need help, or a divorce.
Wow, so... human life is so expendable to her that she'd rather you die instead of God sending Gabriel to you with the divorce papers?
"Praying to god, while I was sick, for me to pass away if I wasn't meant for her. And if I didn't pass away, then we were meant to be together for life."

I don't know about the situation in your family but I think what she wanted to say is that she believed her god wanted you both to stay together. Yes it sounds crazy but try to see it from her perspective. You said she still believe in Santa until she reached 13s. I think it's safe to conclude she's normal enough but is the kind that can't deal with harsh reality. Instead of using her own strength to face the problem, she seeks clues from her god. She interprets almost everything as divine interventions. To her, your illness and recovery must've been clues from god.

She probably didn't realize how crazy that sounded and thought you'd have understood her god's will.
I don't think that she prayed for your death. I seems that the message that she want to say to you is that she saw the fact that you are "healed by God" as a sign that you two are meant to be together for life. It is something special (for her) that she wanted to share with you. So I don't think she is insane or wanted you to be dead.

Of course, having said that, it only says that your wife think that you being healthy again is magical, it doesn't say at all about how much she loves you. And that is the big problem with religion and religious people. People are being taught to give complete submission to the will of God. They relate everything to the bible or God's plan, they can't show their genuine love (which they, your wife, might have). They can only say that God wants you to be a couple, to be together. One must ask, "I know that you know what God wants, but most importantly, what do YOU want?"
Having read the responses, this one appeals most to me. Still, it's not definite. She could have said, if you are not meant to be together, god can make all of your hair fall out. Or god can cover you with boils and scabies. Death is a bit extreme as an answer.

In the final analysis, only you can know if you add up all of the pros and cons, you should be together. If she took care of you while you were sick and has been a good partner, then that's something to consider. If she said, get your own damn dinner, then that's a different situation. Vice versa would also apply. If you can't see taking care of her if she's sick, then maybe you need to think about it.
She wants you to die if not meant for her? Wow! Run!

... oh, and the friend who thinks it shows her love.... Run some more!

I guess you wouldn't want to leave your kids alone with a crazy person... but that really is nuts! And creepy! And did I say nuts! I'm really glad your kids have you. Wow!
Well, I'm afraid you might never know, even if you confront her. Sometimes I suspect people like her don't know what they truly want. They think their lives are already 'prepared' and they only need to be faithful and submit to their gods.

Maybe you need to dig into her psyche. Ask her where she thinks your relationship is heading, talk about her visions of your future together, etc. But maybe you want to avoid talking about that night particularly. Then ask yourself if you can spend the rest of your life with this woman.

Just my two cents.
I sympathize. Does she believe the only Biblical (i.e. morally acceptable) ways to end a marriage to end are when (1) a spouse dies, (2) a spouse commits adultery, (3) a non-believing spouse leaves? That is what my wife believes. She stays with me, she does her best, but I know our differing views on Christianity cause her a lot of pain. Perhaps your wife could feel trapped? For my family the benefits of staying together have thus far made it worthwhile (or so I tell myself). But if my wife told me what yours told you, I think I would reconsider...
I'd cover her religious stuff, then, too. >.> She'll either have to let you or realize how disrespectful she's being.

I seriously don't know how you can deal with a wife like that. Maybe it's a good thing I'll never marry a woman, 'cause actions like that would make me want to slap her.
She should have done some more thinking about whether you were "meant to be together for life" BEFORE she married you.

Sounds like she's looking for a possible "out" because of that "til death do us part" stuff, I assume she doesn't believe in divorce or whatever, so if there's someone out there who is "better" for her, then you need to "step aside" (by dying) so she can start over.

Maybe she's concerned about being "yoked with nonbelievers" or whatever that old bible line is?

Any way you look at it, it's weird.
You notice how people who firmly believe in an afterlife also firmly understand the meaning of "until death do us part"? "Well, sure, honey, I'll live with you for the rest of this life, but when we get to heaven, you're on your own.


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