Hello Guys, i greet you all, am Bwambale Robert, founder of Kasese United Humanist Association,the only registered organization community based organization in Western Uganda.

I was raised up in a Christian family and belonged to the Anglican church, in our country this church is called The Church of Uganda and this is so because its the British who colonized us so imposed this religion on our country.

I became skeptical of religion when i was in my teen years as i always asked myself questions about life,why religions, compared myself with other creatures and this curiosity made me love science at school because i was so amazed by getting fast answers on issues i was skeptical about.

As i went ahead with critical thinking i even engaged some priests , church men to answer some questions in regard to my faith and they couldn't satisfy me instead after me defeating them they could tag me that the devil is the one in charge of me, as i grew in age and knowledge, when i was at Kyambogo where i did biological sciences i figured out coming out of the closet and denounced religion and chose to live my own life guided by my reasoning. This time i just needed where to belong and i was searching on the internet i realized i was not alone for many people existed who are non believers, this motivated me and pushed me to go ahead in being organized and i set up my organization.

We are still a young organization , just formed in 2009 but as of now i have 34 free thinkers already and my works is to spread Humanism all over Uganda and i am doing this by investing a lot in establishing schools set up on Humanist and Science foundations, i know religiosity in Uganda is at its peak but also our people have no alternate to religions, as we train many scientists,do good things for people in our communities,am hopeful there will be a revolution and the entire Uganda will be a secular state, i just dont care when but i am optimistic with the global waves sweeping of fading faiths in the western world will be felt in Uganda as well.

Below is a school badge of one of our school:

We also run a library with lots of book resources on Free thought and Science and these literature are making changes on peoples mode of life and thinking.The library is located on Matebere road in Kiteso Upper , in Kasese Municipality next to our offices.

Any Atheist Nexus members are free to discuss what we can do to propel free thought here in Uganda in a highly calculated state avoiding clashes with religious people.

I welcome your suggestions, comments.

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It is an honor to meet you.  I'm pretty sure I would have maintained a low profile in your part of the world.  Have you noticed any of the insanity from Congo bleeding over into Uganda?


Well, maintaining a low profile cant help because then the entire people will be left in a shadow, just remember that minus our voices in a country like ours then rationalism cant prevail.

I agree with what you are saying.  And, I really respect the courage it takes for you to be open enough with your disbelief to organize the Kasese United Humanist Association.  I did maintain a more public profile before I got married and had children.  Now, I exercise a little more timidity.

How did you build up your membership base?  We only have a core base of 9 members now.  We also get occasional visitors to our weekly meetings that are held in a coffee shop as well as members that attend for a month or two and then move on.  Growth has been slow for us for the year and a half that we have been in existence.  http://freethoughtoasis.org/default.html

I build up a strong membership base by engaging the youth in explaining to them the core vision, aims and objectives and the mission of creating KUHA.

Africa is a good ground for free thought to flourish because we have a lot of problems to attend to and the creationists have been here for centuries now and little has been done so with our presence on the ground, local people find free thought strange, new and interesting.

In our efforts to promote our activities, we are moderate just like Christopher Hitchens puts it, we don't attack religions but try explain any fact as pertains religions, issue of  gods, spirits, dreams etc that these are man made so we have the right ourselves to only rely on reasoning and empirical evidence when it comes to understanding nature.


Hi there, great to meet another Atheist form Africa! I live in Botswana, another country blighted with rampant superstition. I agree with your strategy of making yourself known and visible, though that isn't quite possible for me. I keep a low profile because I don't want my parents to find out about my atheism, at least not while I'm living under their roof, but among my circle of friends I am quite outspoken and constantly engage them in debates. Best wishes for your noble project.




Thanks for y our comment, so glad you are from our "mother land Africa", well engaging the people in debates is good and as you debate stress a lot on having them ask as many questions which you can be in position to answer, reading many free thought books and basic knowledge of science and the way it operates can ease your works.

Out there i guess are people who share your mode of life and connect with them and if possible set up a group and start doing essential works in your communities.



Hi Robert,I'm from Uganda and grew up in Uganda. i think i followed the same pattern as you on critical thinking!! I couldn't question religion and nothing in the bible seemed to add up on my side.Plus there are so many religions!! I did pretend for the first years of university years given  i was in a catholic school for both my o'level and a'level but i gave in this year(3rd year of uni).Critical thinking got the best of me :) . My friends think its a phase and "born again" Christians say i'm going to hell.But my free thinking has open my mind to world and the theory of evolution and has given my life purpose.Plus my free thinking has made the best person i could be basing my life and ideas on facts .I'm glad about your school that gives children the opportunity to be free thinkers as i feel it essential for humanity to know the facts which science gives us.I visited your website and planned to volunteer however it says one must be "from  europe,asia,usa and canada" ,so african "free thinkers" can't volunteer?

Fiona, Many thanks for embracing free thought and every time i see a fellow African choosing the path of facts and reality,i feel good. Volunteering is not only specific to the western world generally, i welcome you to volunteer with us as well for there is a lot you can share with us here, the children plus our teachers.





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