St. Patrick's day is a Catholic tradition of which as we are accustomed to wear green in his honor. Interesting my family is of Welsh protestant origin. Our family tradition of many generations has been to wear orange to signify our protestant faith. This has gone on for at least five generations here in the United States. Now I am an atheist. The only color associated with atheism that I know of is the red A symbol. I do not wish to wear green in commemoration of St. Patrick or orange to represent the protestant religion. I will settle for my favorite that I always wear anyway, tie dye. Maybe a tie dye that has no green or orange.

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Tie dye is manifestly appropriate any day of the year!

Also, the founding legends behind St. Patrick's Day may have gotten a little distorted in translation...

St. Patrick Driving the snakes out of Ireland (in a car; St. Patrick with a white beard wearing green robes and a miter; about eight snakes visible, saying “Are we there yet?”, “How much further?” “I have to go to the bathroom”, “I’m going to be sick”)

... if not debunked entirely:

St. Patrick driving the IRELAND ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW bus

Patty driving the snakey attorneys out of Ireland made me laugh.  Thanks Grinning Cat.

Tie dye! I like it.

One problem, the only tie dye instructor I know dislikes my tie dying my bed sheets.




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