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Hmph - My guess is that the insurance company figures: once they agree to pay ONE victim, the floodgates will open ... and they're probably right.  The horse is on them, though.  If the policy is paid up and specifies compensation for the situation involved, the company is on the hook, full stop.

An atheist friend of mine writes:

- “Liability” policies include specified named circumstances, plus the generalization, “Acts of God.”

 - I doubt that the liability policies specifically described ‘child abuse‘ as an insured item, thus, if the carrier  is going to pay such damages, they must be included in the remaining “Acts of God" category. 

- Which leaves the diocese with the awkward position of having to declare that sexual child abuse is an Act of God, if they want the carriers to pay off these million dollar awards. That truly presents a problem for the clergy to present.

  - lf, however, God does NOT promote or condone child abuse, then on what basis should the carriers  make payment for the awards? Child abuse is not a circumstance of an individual being hurt by tripping  on a rug, or being scalded by hot water, or being hit by one of those swinging smoke pots.

If l were the carriers, I wouldn’t pay a dime to cover the actions of any priest who steps over the line in working  with the kids, or in working with adults for that matter.       

The bible says, "Honor thy father and thy mother."  It doesn't tell the parents anything similar about honoring their kids.  Pretty shitty oversight, if you ask me.


You are right Loren.  I don't think the culture of the bible regarded kids as having human rights.  Or for that matter, most people didn't have human rights.  Slaves, women, people who were not Hebrew... 

The 'acts of god' clauses is a major irritiant to me. What's wrong with an act of nature?

And if anything should fall into the 'acts of god' it should be the church .  That's one place I would have no trouble accepting it.

A priest, who works under the supervision of whoever in the church, commits a crime against a child. Who compensates the victim? Who is accountable?

The clergyperson's behavior is his or her behavior, not an act of god. It doesn't compare with a hurricane or tornado, does it? asks, "What's wrong with an act of nature?" I don't know if sexual child abuse is an act of nature or not, but it is against the law.

When a church buys insurance, what does it include?

If the bible doesn't protect a child, which it clearly does not, then the rights of a child have to be spelled out by law! 


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