Does anyone above the age of elementary school actually celebrate this thing? I mean if your inclined to date, shtup or purchase flowers and chocolate, you don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to do it. Until 1969, the Catholic Church formally recognized eleven Valentine's Days. That's a lot of Valentine's. It must have been a way for the church to make sure Catholics made more Catholics.

While pretty secular these days, this was seen as some sort of Christian thing way back when so the Jews and Muslims don't have Valentine's Day as part of their religious traditions. Though, the way they fight over that shit hole in the Middle East they should invent a group holiday. They could call it Victim's Day and each year the
Arabs (and Persians!) and Israelis can gather together in one big circle and have a victim off as they go on and on about how they are being oppressed and what's more their oppression is the greatest, biggest, most oppresive oppression ever in the whole wide world. Hey, it's better than the year round celebration they generally do.

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I don't bother with Valentines day bullshit, since I haven't had but a few dates and never a relationship. It is, however, my conception day, so I tend to throw myself a little party due to it
Nobody taught me the religious significance of St. Valentines' Day. It was only about having a love to share with somebody.
There was no religion involved when I grew up either. But since I never seem to get laid around then it sure became a time of private reflection between me and my pillow!
Dude, what happens in the bedroom sometimes needs to stay in the bedroom. Also, have you considered at least paying for your pillow's meal first? I hear they're more appreciative and supportive afterwards.
Who said anything about bedroom? If you must know everything happens in the back room of this bar I go to. Also, I don't know what your relationship to pillows is but they are all sluts who are only interested in money and need to be treated like the whores they are.
My pillow doesn't put out. :(
Yeah, lots of restaurants and gift shops are busy then, so people do celebrate it and go out. I'm not much of a holiday person, especially considering most are religiously motivated. However, I've never had a date on Valentines day, and I secretly would love to have one some day with a man I really cared about. I think it would be romantic.
Ditto to that!
90% of the time, they're given out of obligation

Isn't that what they say about vaginas?
Hilarious....and true!
I think it's sweet and romantic to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not a big deal, but it can be fun. It's not something that should make or break a relationship. This year I'm going to watch "He's Not That Into You" with girlfriends unless I find a date. Any guys near Stuart, FL looking for a Valentine? ;)
You make a man wish he lived in Florida.




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