I was recently confronted by theists on the issue of an apparent lack of morality when it comes to atheists. They cited Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler.
I know that Hilter is a controversial one, b/c you can't really prove it one way or the other. But the other two, I couldn't comment on.

My initial response was to number these 3 individuals against the many Islamic/Christian jihadists/crusaders, etc. And then to consider the difference between the number of people (the loving and merciful) God himself has killed or ordered killed vs. what those three have. And then, b/c I know more about Hilter than the other two, I asked them to read Mein Kampf and note the references that Hilter made about his religion and how he uses this common denominator to influence other people to do his bidding--so even if he was atheist, then he knew that people would do what he said as long as he said it was in the name of God (of course, that is my interpretation of it). But, before I go on a tangent:

Does anyone have an SOLID answer to this? Have anyone ever been confronted with this question before? It seems logical to me that a few bad apples shouldn't be representative of the massives, but of course, it's common to hear arguments where they are. I googled, but didn't get a solid counterargument. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction!

(sorry if this is in the wrong category, I wasn't 100% sure where to put it)

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Stalin was quoted as saying “death solves all problems, no man, no problem”

Anette was correct in pointing out what these three men have in common is that they created a Cult of Personality to support a specific ideology.

Both Mussolini and Stalin were atheists, the case for Hitler is less likely as he used religion as a tool to control the masses. Hitler and Mussolini supported a fascist ideology which was opposed to individualism, rationalism, liberalism and forbid criticism and opposition to their policies. Hitler modeled his Nazism around Mussolini’s fascist party.

Stalin was a Marxist-Leninist and he made this official ideology of the USSR. Marxist-Leninist adheres the 21 conditions, which proclaim an communist ideology that allows no dissent. Stalin also supported Lysenkoism which devastated soviet agricultural system and lysenkoism was supported simply because Marxist ideology dismissed Darwinism as a bourgeoisie tool to justify capitalist society.

Fascism and Marxist philosophies was expansionist in nature and used terror to enforce the laws of the state. Stalin had his Five Year Plans, Hitler had the Final Solution. The personal religious beliefs or lack thereof are irrelevant when examining Stalin/Hitler/Mussolini, it was their adherence to an ideology that resulted in a terrorist totalitarian regime. Now while these political ideologies did not contain a supernatural element, they did insist that they had an absolute truth. What is religion but a doctrine that insists it has an supernatural divinely inspired truth?

Salman Rushdie said it best “. . . I distrust people who claim to know the whole truth and who seek to orchestrate the world in line with that one true truth. I think that's a very dangerous position in the world. It needs to be challenged.”

PS. Did I mention I hate religious people who spout pseudo- history in the same way they support anti science ideas like creationism/intelligence design.



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