Around 6th grade I cams our about my atheism, much to my OLD friend's dismay. I guess he tolerated it for a while, because we didn't even talk that much anyway. Soon enough, he expressed his disatisfaction like any fundy would: grabbing some other friends and throwing uneducated "proofs" at me. After some other 1 on 1 arguments, and some unfriendly words, he finally snapped. The net in the locker room, he swipes at my books to knock them down, but to prevail. Following up on his threat to "kick my ass" the other day. So me, seeing this as a great opportunity; not initiating the fight, push him back. He looked shock as if he expected me not to fight back. He was in for a bitter surprise. Not to explain the fight in detail, basically he kept swiping punches retreating back, all the while saying "you can't fight, you can't fight" he keep retreated while we kept exchanging punches, until some kids broke up the fight. Gym teacher came in, and sent everyone out, except me and Trenton. Asking what initiated the fight, we told him what did initiate the fight. It was over someone else's dollar, ironically. Then he said the fight was petty. I told myself "really?" and I almost chuckled. He said that if it happened again, we'd get sent to the office. Being happy about no consequences, I went upstairs to the gym to line up. Nervous about what people would say, I slowly went. To my surprise, there was a crowd around where my line would be. There was a lot of comotion and when I approached it, lots of people went around me and started congradulating me. A girl who he recently harassed, calling her a crack baby, hugged me. She also happened to be my crush. He'll yeah. So going to our next class there was a lot of discussion about it. Being the popular kid for a while, I just decided. To bask in the light for a while, happy for standing up and defeated my hated enemy. Oh, how could I forget this part? Get this: he CRIED afterwards to the female gym teacher, looking for sympathy. The male couch who broke it up had to yell at him in the hallway, when he was still crying. Hell yeah. But here's the kicker: he tried starting rumors that HE won. Lol. So fast forward to today, he's trying his luck by harassing me again. But he's doing it subtly, like writing "god is real" on my nametag. He went a little too far today by saying "god bless you" right when I got off the bus. I confronted him online, him saying he was onl being nice. He himself knew this was not true. We got into an argument again. And when I called him an insecure punk, he said "insecure I'll kick your ass*". So then I mention him crying after our first fight, he actually DISABLES his messaging and says nothing more. I felt satisfied. But I also have reason to suspect he'll start another fight, even though he knows I won't hold back. So, long story short, I stood up to a fundy twice, and possibly a third time tommorow.

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Hey, if someone doesn't stand up to bullies, they just keep on being little pricks all the time. It always surprises them when someone suddenly isn't afraid of them and actually fights back. They will usually back down. And if this idiot is a religious nutter on top of it, then you should have plenty of verbal ammo to use against him. The Bible is filled to the brim with stupidity from the first sentence to the last.
I agree. Someone needs to stand up to jerks and put them in their place. It takes away their satisfaction of power and gets it in their head they're not all that.
Kick his ass, sea-bass.  For an added advantage, get into hapkido or some other form of fighting so that you can make him understand that one time will be the ONLY time he should mess around with you.  You'll get the discipline you need to know when to use your skills.
I think the reason he started it in the first place was to brag about it later. He figured I would back out to avoid getting in trouble, but the joke was on him. Now he actually had to fight, and regretted starting it in the first place. At the end of the fight I thought our beef would be over, but I guess not. He tried spreading rumors that he won, giving me "welts" on my face. Can't be helped I guess.
Short and sweet: Just ask him---"Hey are you trying to kick my butt in the name of Jesus? I don't think he would approve.  Sorry you don't like my beliefs but you need to get over it" .


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