I've been beta testing SWTOR for 2 months and now, with the NDA lifted, I can say what I want about it although I'm sure that anyone here who is really interested in it has already read and watched the reviews and walk-throughs. I will say this; I love this blasted game! If you liked WoW, Mass Effect, or Knights of the Old Republic you're going to love this.


After 7 years and 3 guilds I'm convinced that having an openly atheistic/freethinkers guild is the way to go. I've been searching for the right guild but, well, we all know how easy it is to herd cats right? There was a bit of interest on the SWTOR forums but I haven't found any guilds ready for deployment. For a guild to be deployed upon release it needs to have 4 members that have pre-ordered although it's not a requirement. All it takes is 4 people at any time to group up and start a guild after release. Is anyone here interested? Anyone going to order or pre-ordered already?


Please feel free to fire any questions at me!






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I love your toon names lol, Brilliant! A little about Peace is a Lie; It's a guild that was during launch, but like bryanderthal's guild it all kinda fell apart in the first few months. So its currently in rebuilding stage. Guild leader is awesome, super relaxed and very sociable. We aren't raiding yet due to lack of numbers, or even really running a lot of H mode ops (due to lack of numbers) We just got our Gbank up and running. Just need more players! Feel free to add me to friends in game and we'll go from there! 

OK I have a dumb question.  I tried searching for you to add as friend but it said username dos not exist.  Do you have to be online for this to work or how do I successfully do this?  google searches are not helping...

Lol, that's funny it said the same to me when I looked you up last night in game. When will you be on next? I'll be on around 6:30pm PST

Weird.  I am for sure on the Harbinger ( i double checked) and my name is Archangelo....  I am going to log on right now 5:30 PM arizona time and I'll be on for about two hours.  Let me know if you try to find me and it doesn't work

OK I figured it out. I didn't realize you were part of the Empire.  I added an Imp character ArcD'angel and added you as a friend (except Sorcererseegan was still not showing up)  I also added one of your's Bryan, the only one that would work.  I need to level up right now I am worthless :)

Lol, cool I was just going to write you that. See you guys in game :)

Any true Star Wars nerd would know that "Peace is a Lie" is an Empire guild. ;P

Of course...the Sith code.  I am kink of thick that way as you can probably tell.

Thanks! Before server mergers I had Hitch (now Trailer'hitch), Dawkins, Cosmos (He's a Bilibob now, too), and just plain Einstein. I have a Jugg named Starstuff but she's only lvl 16.

I'll look for you. I wouldn't mind running some SM FPs... been a long time since I took my PT out for a walk.




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