Does anyone have suggestions or advice for me for starting an atheist meet up group in my town? There doesn't seem to be much presence here of atheists. It's a town with a national laboratory with lots of scientists from all over the world but there seem to be a lot of churches too (who knew?). Any insight would be much appreciated....




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Have you tried meetup dot com?  There are some non theist and humanist meetups in Albuquerque but that is kinda far.  I bet you'll  get others to join if you start one in your town.  With all those scientists there should be plenty of atheists!  Also, check with Center For Inquiry and the local university.
Yep, what AnneT said! But  I'd go ahead and become a member of the Albuquerque groups to get to know some folks right away, and get a feel for what they do, and duplicate it closer to home. The groups that I've become familiar with in my area all kind of intermingle and visit each other, and share ideas back and forth. You may find that Los Alamos isn't ready for a group of its own right now since there tends to be strength in numbers, and just continue to meet up in Albuquerque (but I bet you'll at least find someone to carpool with!)

Well, I started one anyway. We'll see if anyone signs up. If not, no harm done. I don't think I'd make it to Albuquerque for a meet up but maybe in Santa Fe. They have one there right?

I appreciate the response from both of you!





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