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That's what I love about this. There are so many great songs that I've never heard and now have the opportunity. Thanks Tony.

New York!

love Sinatra. An icon from a simpler time.

Cool deal!

Love, love, loveme some Frank. My all time favorite of his is 'Luck Be A Lady Tonight'.

These are fun!  Another Sinatra number about my hometown..... 

He was so good.

Dang. You people are great. More Frank. Just can't go wrong with Sinatra!

Now, this one isn't exactly about a city/state, but about all of America. From a 1937 recording if my memory doesn't fail me. The great Woody Guthrie.

'This Land is Your Land'.


Gosh, having flashbacks of my early years. Haven't heard that song in years. Thanks.

And in the spirit of your post, a little Johny Cash:   

James, thanks for this. Anything the Man in Black does is wonderful.




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