good article, and very worth the read.  

i'm wondering if anyone else is noticing slightly fewer stories about creationism.  sure, several bills get proposed at the start of each year, but they tend to die in committee without ever reaching the floor for vote.  and sure, Marco Rubio said that the age of the earth is a big mystery.  but he quickly semi-corrected himself.  

as this article points out, revenue is down at Answers in Genesis and at the Creation Museum.  also, the Discovery Institute is rarely in the news these days.  

maybe we should thank the likes of Republican Congressman Paul Broun (he of the evolution is a lie straight from the pits of hell fame).  the majority of moderately religious folk have never heard of people like Ken Hamm.  however lots of people have heard of Paul Broun has said b/c he's a politician and people follow these things en masse.  it can only hurt the creationist cause when more people see what creationist believers actually believe.  

for whatever reason i'm more optimistic today.  maybe it's b/c it's Darwin Day.  i hope not though.

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You don't live in the Midwest, apparently, where Creationism is alive and well.

(A local here is putting together his own Creation Museum.) The highway is littered with religious signs. (I just got the town to the south of us to remove a religious message from its town sign.)

It is just not being reported anymore. When something becomes so common it is an everyday occurrence, it is no longer news.

well no, i don't live in the Midwest, and i'm sure it's just as bad in the south.  perhaps i was being too positive in light of it being Darwin's birthday. 

Sort of depends on which part of the Midwest you live in. Matthew posted an article about least and most religious states. In the article, there's a link to all of the US States.  James, you're from Nebraska, which says 44% are religious, while Illinois comes in at 38% and Michigan at 37%. I live in probably the most religious are of Illinois (southern tip of the State), but it's nowhere as pervasive as it is in say, Mississippi or Alabama. There are the articles in the weekly newspapers about local church attendance, but to be honest, it's more of a gossip piece than anything else.  People in my area, anyway, pretty much keep it to themselves.




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