State of Indiana: Creationism is not science! Please Help

I've posted this to the Indiana Atheists group. But in case there are people here who know of anyone living in Indiana who supports science whether they are non-religious or religious I'm posting this here:

On January 31, 2012, the Indiana Senate voted 28-22 in favor of Senate Bill 89 which would allow the teaching of creationism in public schools. The bill now proceeds to the Indiana House of Representatives.

In the 1987 case Edwards v. Aguillard the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that teaching creationism along with evolution in public schools was unconstitutional. Creationism is religious not science. Many public school boards have been sued for teaching creationism or intelligent design as science and lost. Costing public schools time and money that our public schools can ill afford to squander.

That's why I created a petition to The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Mitch Daniels, which says:

"Creationism should not be taught as science in public schools."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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I saw a version of that a couple years ago. Just goes to show we must stay watchful.

If Indiana's smart enough to rate an A- in science standards, they should be far more than smart enough to reject this specious BS out of hand ... and yet their Senate PASSED IT!

It's time that education, not just in Indiana but nationwide, was de-politicized and de-religionized and TAUGHT as though the US were intent on leading the world as it has in the past. As it is, I have to believe that western Europe sees us struggling with this religionist bullshit and only barely manages to conceal their laughter ... and I'm sufficiently proud of this country to want to do better than that.

If the bill becomes law, any school district that tries to give it effect will be advised of the many court rulings against it and the heavy legal costs they will assume.

Don't judge the legislators too harshly; they are responding to the demands of voters who warn them that unless they introduce or support such bills, they will face opposing candidates in the next election. Like most people with paying jobs, legislators want to remain employed.

Be more concerned about the bribery and extortion that goes by the name "campaign financing".

>Be more concerned about the bribery and extortion that goes by the name "campaign financing".

Already am.

The book is a must read for every American!

update on this story:


the author of this article seems to think it won't pass the House.  i'm not as confident as he is, but we'll see. 

Petition signed.

The Indiana bill ALLOWS school districts to teach creationism but doesn't require it.

Mischievous Dems added a provision that requires teaching the beliefs of about six different religions, including scientology.

You can safely bet that school board members will be told what happened in 2004 in Dover, Pennsylvania.

Creationist crackpots there briefly had a board majority, got the district hauled into court and lost a very expensive case.

In the next election the voters tossed them out.

sure, but it also does not offer a curriculum to teachers on the subject of creation.  they are left to their own accord, to formulate their own lesson plan.  they could teach one creation story, or all.  they could make it simple - god did it - and move on.  i can imagine that most teachers would keep it to Genesis, and that's it.  it's up to the individual teacher.  now, does that sound like good educational practice? 


( i know i'm preaching to the choir here)

They should not be ALLOWED to teach creationism - of any form - in science.

Exactly.  Creationism is a religious belief and is a political tool.  It can be taught in comparative religion, along with other creation myths including Zoroastrian, Scientologist, Mayan, Polynesian, Hindu creation myths.  It can also be taught in political science classes along with other myths and philosophies that are used to fire up particular groups of adherents.  Creationism is not science, should not be taught as science, and should not be "legislated" into science.  It's like when the Tomato, a fruit, was regulated into being a vegetable - it's still a fruit, it's just that people call it a vegetable.  So now, pizza, which contains tomato sauce, is considered a vegetable, even though what it contains is a processed fruit.  If the Indiana legislature calls creationism science, it wont be science, or anything like science, but that label will have a certain value to some constituencies.



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