The theme song for the State of the Union Address should be:

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The Republican Congress

What's disgusting is people listen to pundits analysis of the State of the Union Address rather than listen to the address itself.

Why “disgusting”? I’m politically informed yet I need a scorecard to tell the players as I watch. Better people depend on critical analyses if they’re going to pay minimal attention.

Disgusting because memory is malleable therefore what is originally heard and' learned' is corrupted by listening to pundits immediately after the presentation.

I think it's a good idea for people digest a (the) speech at least a day to allow independent thought before being subjected to pundits critiques or accolades. 

They try desperately in SOTU address to bring about a "moment of change" and say that all Americans are dreamers. Trump takes credit for things that are not his to claim, but that seems normal for a person like him. 

Months ago he killed DACA and now wants to bring it back as its "savior." Of course, no "visa lottery" when it cannot be proven that this part of immigration was wrong. The entire DACA and immigration issue is all a "divide and conquer" thing. It seems very lame in view of ICE gestapo deportation efforts. If everything continues as is currently then SOTU was an outright lie on this issue.

The GOP wants to appear as the "guardians of Democracy" when lots of things here are simply "bait and switch." Of course, we are not supposed to remember these things. So many things that should have come up did not surface, but why should they? It's clear that Shumer will give Cheeto his wall and this can be a re-election issue when the time comes. 

I am greatly disappointed in SOTU this time around but I admit I see no hope of things getting better. Neither party has a clue and the GOP has the front lead. The best I can say (and often do online) is that we can do better than this.

Saying that all Americans are dreamers is roughly equivalent to asserting that All Lives Matter.  The first devalues those who are the real focus of DACA, while the second dilutes or dismisses the current necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement.  In both cases, there is a minority being poorly dealt with by the majority or at least those in power.

Do we really have to be reminded that Trump reading another's words from a teleprompter is not Trump the rest of the time, shooting from the hip, hitting himself in the foot, then shoving said foot in his mouth, down to the knee?

That's so true, Loren. I always discuss politics and Trump with my insurance lady and usually on a weekly basis. Just this evening she says she is so tired of this and wished everyone would just let it go and quit badmouthing Trump. It is making us look bad all over the world, she says. Our disrespect is causing this.

Really! I told her that respect has to be earned and it is Trump bringing the disrespect upon himself by all of his misinformed and misspoken nonsense. If you think people all over the world are against this man because a lot of the American public is, you are greatly mistaken. 

I thought for a minute that she was going to throw me out.

It's just like religious claims; reason will never prevail over smug, weaponized ignorance.


What does your inurance agent think about  covering catastrophic damage caused from"Climate Change" events such as floods, hurricanes, fires, and etcetera?

Strangely she says very little about these "acts of god" as they are called, but if we really believe this nonsense we have to admit that said "god" is playing a game with us.

It would be interesting to hear what your insurance agent and insurance companies in general are doing to protect their business as more catatrophies happen due to climate change.  

The town I live in spent $54 million for a Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) flood control project. I don't live in a costal area. 

Perhaps some costal areas such as those destroyed by hurricane Katrina and Sandy should be abandoned and left as boundry zones against ever increasing ocean storms. If the residents in such areas were bought out then the ACOE and other agencies wouldn't wouldn't be in a position to 'protect' strutures from inevitable ever increasing storms.

I wonder how many politicians take acting lessons.

Some politicians seem to be  skilled at slight of hand (thought), tent preacher, hypnotist and carnival barker.

Watching Republican Congressional members sell their tax plan was an example of bad acting and effective hypnotism.

Lions should be brought into the areana to enhance the entertainment value.


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