::hearty laugh::  Hardly.


So, who took time out to watch our President, Chairman Maobama, perform at max narcissism, with smugness, arrogance, and self-aggrandizement for all?


One for one.  The sum of the political game in America.


For the previous eight years, two terms, worth of "administration", we had the Village Idiot; as puppet of Darth Cheney.  Although, I shouldn't be too hard on Cheney; for eight years his lips didn't move once while making the illiterate dance.


What's changed with the new "administration"?  Summarily, nothing.  Instead of a man bereft of a discernable intellect, virtually incapable of properly completing a sentence; we've gotten the ass puppet of Skanky Pelosi, Chairman Maobama.


Again, can't be too hard on him though; it takes a great deal of denial to continue being that pointlessly smug, in the midst of so many hollow platitudes.  It is a rare gift to be able to speak for an hour straight, and say absolutely nothing.

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It is very naive of you to expect the POTUS to aim his speech directly at you.

How else would you expect me to respond to a statement such as this, seriously?

You directly call me naive, based on this perspective, and expect me not to retort?

That's rather disingenuous.
I guess this is called Atheist Nexus. Not Smart Person Nexus.
Amusing; and showing it to be the standard for the site.

Nothing to add, no refutation, just infantile quips ... strangely, the divide between theist and atheist narrows in light of how disagreements are handled. It becomes much like watching a pack of monkeys, trying to fuck a greased football ... sure its entertaining, but what does it achieve?

Io sto ridendo di te, ragazzo.
LMAO, well played.




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