doing a quick Google search on Secession brought me to articles about 3 different states all in the Secession game.  the linked article above was the best though, so i will discuss it's contents.

first of all, the general idea here is to eliminate the power of the federal gov't.  i'm sure they still want all the money from Washington, but they don't want to comply with federal law.  they think that they should be able to legislate their state as they see fit, without any pesky Constitutional interference. 

what do they want?  no gun regulation, no recognition of gay marriage, no abortions, no environmental policies, no separation of church and state, and no hate crime laws.  at least for openers. 

what a list!  i'm not sure how they left out the ability to teach Creationism, but i guess that's covered under the whole reinterpretation of the Establishment Clause. 

while this Bill will never pass, and even if it were it would be thrown out by the Courts (i assume).  but i have a bigger question that has been popping into my mind recently - should we let them leave? 

personally, i'd love to just tell them good luck and never look back.  morally, i have problems with abandoning the non-crazy folks who live there.  but how could you want to remain in a state that keeps going backwards like this? shouldn't you want to get out? or is it the responsibility of the rest of the Nation to lift them from their state of ignorance? at this point, i'm not even sure that it is possible.  they are lost, and i fear there is no hope of them ever becoming found.

what say you?  let them leave or try to keep their sorry asses? 

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I don't know much more than anyone else on this subject. The original articles of confederation were written to guarantee state sovereignty, with states having the right to leave. Finding the loose confederation garnered little respect or power with other countries, the constitution was created. The constitution, to my knowledge, left the issue somewhat open for interpretation with little mention as to the states sovereignty or right to secede (too busy to look it up right now). The tenth amendment solidified the position that the federal government alone could determine what rights the states had, secession or otherwise. In other words, with the tenth amendment, the states became so entangeled in the union that they were left no avenue to persue secession.

The civil war ended (apparently, just for a time) arguments regarding secession with the north forcing the southern states (and everyone else)to accept permanent membership in the union. Every state attempt to thumb their nose at federal mandates has been squashed since.

I don't want anyone to think I'm claiming to be an authority on this subject so dont' get all riled up over what I've said. If you have more accurate info, I'd love to hear it.

Short of nationwide revolution, I'm not seeing this secession talk as anything other than that. It's whining that will result in no change. Not that I don't sympathize in certain ways but it's just not going to happen.

Last one out, bring the flag.

interesting interview with the author of the book, "Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession". 

does the fact that this book exists highlight the possibility of something like southern secession happening?

25% of Republicans polled support their state seceding from the Union. 

foreign influence hello. do the math. they want land overseas w/paying taxes too

YES! Let them free of the noose of working for the common good, giving all people human rights, protecting the poor, diseased, hungry, homeless people and let them govern according to their "god" given rights. Let's put the idea to the test! There is no benefit to USA to have such god-fearing, domination focused citizens.

interestingly enough, i wrote this discussion back in May, well before all the online petitions hit the White House site after the election.  little did i know how prescient i was!

Americans have been taught outright lies about their own history and the documentary proof of our history and our form of government has been intentionally withheld.  The only reason people think that states do not have the right to secede is because of a coup d'etat by the Federalists.  Until then, the U.S.A. was nothing more than a treaty organization.

But as to letting them leave?  All the states that want to leave, receive more from the fed than they pay to the fed.  So let them leave.


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