States that support gay marriage have lower divorce rates. Antigay states have more divorce.

Always on the search for data and analysis, as opposed to opinion and conjecture. Here's an editorial from Maine, stating that states which support same sex marriage are the states that have lower divorce rates. Conversely, the anti-same-sex marriage states are the ones with the highest divorce rates.

I don't have time to go back and check the data. I hope that someone else does.

" All but one of the states that rank in the nation's bottom 10 states educationally have passed same-sex marriage bans. States that accept same-gender marriage have fewer divorces, strong families and higher educational standards"

"Utah? Approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Its divorce rate is more than double that of Massachusetts, showing that a lot of effort went into preventing some couples from getting married, instead of using that effort to preventing divorce."

Much more information in the article.

Correlation is not causation, and I'll stay away from conjecture as well. Still, it's fuel for the fire. Whe do the christians & mormons not support marriage? What do they have against families staying together? Why are they so f**king stupid?

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The part that pisses me off is that they are using their religious beliefs to make law. Where is the separation? Where is the equality? Give the LGBT community their rights and let them lead normal lives.
Married before 20 = divorce rate of 80%
after 30 = rate of 30%
Glancing at this list and this map, you can see the evidence is there to support the editorial from Maine.

Just like the Pro-Life crowd is more concerned with a baby's life before it is born, the One-Man-One-Woman crowd are more concerned with the parties involved in a marriage and not so much what happens after they are married.
People try to impose personal morals and fail in the process -- and I laugh.
Exactly. When it comes to the standard justifications, even the names of the laws, ie "Defense of Marriage act" are shown to be fraudulent. Or when my own state was referred to as "Marriage Friendly" due to banning same-sex marriage.

Again, if the data showed the opposite, ie, marriages end earlier and more often in 'same sex marriage' states, then wanna guess if the Foxonians, Palins, Becks, Limbaughs, Coulters (oh god no not her!), would be all over it?
All that "sanctity of marriage"-" protection of marriage" bullshit are just the pegs they hang their bigotry on.




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