frankly, i could have picked any one of hundreds of articles to link to, but a particular quote from a Missouri GOP State Rep struck a chord with me:

“This is about sending a message to the federal government that we don’t like things rammed down our throat.”

this kind of rhetoric is becoming increasingly commonplace.  while many laws are allowed to be set by the States, some things are Federal territory - things like civil rights, for example.  but some areas of our country have become so Religious that they are attempting to bypass any Federal law that goes against their Religious beliefs. 

in this case, the law in question is the Obamacare mandate requiring contraceptive care.  this is not the Bishops at it again, but this Bill is essentially a state version of the "Respect the Rights of Conscience Act" that was shot down in the Senate 2 months ago.  this isn't about Catholic employers, but ANY employer who wishes to deny it's employees any kind of healthcare that goes against their conscience. 

while the issue itself is complex (and absurd), the idea behind it is what i'd like to discuss.  suddenly, we find ourselves in a country where States are directly taking on the Federal gov't.  they are making laws and daring the Administration to "come and get them".  we've seen this in states defunding Planned Parenthood, such as Texas and Arizona.  in Texas, the Feds said that they would defund the state's total Women's Health Program.  to that threat, Texas has said, "good, us too".  so much for our Gov't having teeth. 

in Mississippi, they have successfully all but eliminated abortions through legal means.  abortion in Mississippi may be legal, but good luck trying to get one there.  where has the Federal gov't been to defend it's citizens from laws that abolish a federally protected right? 

now Missouri is joining the fun, sticking a proverbial finger in Obama's face, all but daring the gov't to do something about it.  perhaps they are gun shy during this election year.  or maybe they are waiting for the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare.  but what i find shocking is how brazen these state houses are being at snubbing the Federal gov't, and with all things, Obama's biggest accomplishment  - his Healthcare Plan.  you'd think he'd be all over this like white on a Republican.  yet i hear crickets from his side, and very loud, viscious, and daring speech on the other. 

perhaps this "poll" is what is happening out there in Jesusland:

i put poll in quotations because of the source (forgive me for linking WND) - it was conducted by the Knights of Columbus.  yet, even if it's a flawed poll and doesn't represent the vast majority of Americans, it says that 3 of 4 people think Religious Rights should be put above the law.  even if it's 3 out of 4 totally batshit crazy wing-nuts, that is a scary thing for so many people to believe.  it's the kind of belief that leads to serious stand-offs, and not just in the Courts.

the idea of "no-compromise" is spreading from the Republican politicians to Republican citizens.  they see their leaders setting the example, and i fear they are following them to a T.  and just like much of the nonsense we are seeing from Republican politicians, it stems from Religious beliefs.  at some point in time, the role of Religion in American law and politics needs to be re-defined.  right now, the line is too blurry. 

we hear that there is a War on Religion in America, and they may be right.  will the Federal gov't have the guts to take on this War and remind the entire country that Religion has it's place, but it is not in our secular laws or gov't.  will the Federal govt, regardless of who is in the White House, stand up to States that are egregiously making laws that violate Federal law?  will the Federal gov't stand up for citizens that live in States that are denying citizens their rights?  God i hope so. 

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 The states could care less what the hell a woman does with her body! The states could careless how and where you educate your children!


What the states do care about are votes!! Power, and control of the Presidency, of congress and the house!

Did you notice the states who are cutting, planned parenthood, education and anything publically funded are RED states? REPUBLICAN states!

The republicans cannot run on accomplishments so they push these wedge issues!

Ever hear the one about Obama taking your guns?? Yeah 4 years and those constitutional rights are still very much intact!

How about the one about him implementing “Shariah Law”?? Still awaiting that one too! LOL

It's propaganda!

We are dealing with a very uneducated, uninformed electorate! That is the way they (REPUBLICANS) like it!

People are hiding behind their religion (WHICH KEEPS THEM DUMB AND UNINFORMED)to justify their racism!



The propaganda would only work, if there was some other driving force behind it!

How do you think people could possibly believe that Republican policies work after 8 years of them NOT working at all??

How does a person come to the conclusion that tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans create jobs when this country lost 750,000 PER MONTH under George Bush???


I think you are barking up the wrong tree. The subject of injecting religion into politics has been visited.

 The founding fathers spoke on the subject of religion in the constitution when they wrote that there shall be a separation of church and state! Educated and informed electorate is the BEST defense!


i'm not sure i follow your logic.  are you agreeing with my post or disagreeing?  i can't tell.

I am not sure who you are talking to?? Me?


I'm sorry I don't know whats so presumptuous about an educated electorate?? Thomas Jefferson certainly didn't think so....:)

yes, sorry i'm just replying.  i've re-read your post a few times and i'm still somewhat confused as to what your point is.  i get much of what you're saying, but i guess i can't tie it together. 

when i talked about the states telling the Gov't FU, i was giving examples (mostly) of red states.  i assumed that was a given, but maybe i didn't explain it well. 

when you say i'm "barking up the wrong tree" i'm not sure in what way.  please explain.  thanks.

agreeing....sorry. i was giving reasons they are doing what they are.

ok, thanks. 

i'll add this one to the list.

for anyone who has been following Florida's voter purge this won't be new news, but it's yet another example of a state telling the Feds to fuck off. 

ha.. you mean corporate (fascist owned) states? that don't allow atheists in office? hugh ya mean like catholics only costa rica? (wiki that tiz tru)

this is becoming something of a trend.  so at least 3 states Governors have said they simply won't comply with the Affordable Care Act.  i'm sure it's just posturing, but since when has it been ok to tell the Federal Government to go fuck themselves? 

Obamacare might be the straw that broke the camel's back for the secessionist crowd.

i was with my mom and her husband when the ACA ruling came down.  my step father was devastated.  when i asked him about individual parts of Obamacare, specifically about pre-existing conditions, he said "no, they shouldn't be covered.  they made their bed.  if it's bad luck well that's just their lot in life." 

that is what Conservatives feel but cannot say.  sad and a wee bit scary.

Almost, makes you wish they get sick


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