Aaron and Melissa Dykes make the point that the AI programs used by Renaissance Technologies and Cambridge Analytica are proprietary, secret from the public. Those wielding such information technologies know everything about us, allegedly better than we know ourselves, while we know nothing about them. In essence, individually and collectively, we are being steered by a black box. 

While they lump the FBI, CIA, and politicians from both parties into one amorphous "they", the Dykes make a lot of good points. Here are some excerpts.

Now politicians can tell you what you want to hear with great precision. They feed back  personalized ads , based on what things you've done, supported, said, basically trends they've seen you latching on to. And they feed those trends back to you. They could be telling everyone completely different things. [order changed]

On Renaissance Technologies:

You're talking about a black box investment firm that's just a money making machine. It's all in a secretive black box, no one else can see it, it's proprietary. And when they apply this to politics you get out is this reverso picture of what the population wants to hear.

They point out that individualized ads are sufficient to convince one segment of the population to buy whatever justification "they" invent for their moves, and then they pit that group against opposed groups to divide and conquer.

This money and data machine. It's like you're playing chess with a supercomputer.

The NSA and CIA are running quantum computers and what they call sentient world simulations in real time. They are using the world wide web to continuously suck up data about us all the time, continuously analyzing.

Where do you ever have anything that is even remotely authentic when all you ever get is feedback about yourself, or your group, or the people you identify with? It's like a game or a movie where you're fighting against a shadow version of yourself, how do you beat that?

This money and data machine, it's like you're playing chess with a supercomputer.

This is a game society. They're steering people into the direction they want to go.

They have put us all in a box. They're using game theory and real-time data analysis to feed back to everyone what they want to hear. So they've always got an excuse for everything that at least works for one group, while alternately pissing off the opposite group and keeping those two groups fighting amongst themselves, with each other. That's what they've done now with the internet. They're putting everyone in an echo chamber and telling them what they want to hear or need to hear, to justify what they're doing. They've already worked out the entire game board 17 moves ahead. They've figured out every angle. And then they're just feedback-looping everyone in echo chambers. Digital echo chambers, that's what the internet is being used for now. They're going to run society with artificial intelligence this way.

Some weird computer AI black box is now pretty much becoming the driving force of our society. [order changed]

It makes sense to me that the lies from the GOP and 45* are intended to use their gullible followers in a sort of chess move, to pit them against other groups, as a strategy to steer our country and the world economy. I agree that this AI game theory psychometric manipulation of the public already outpaces human intelligence. People like Robert Mercer no doubt control it at the moment, or at least think they do. But once human beings are being collectively massaged into AI control, a tipping point has been passed. It never occurred to me that the first manifestations of the Singularity might be pumped up hate, as part of game-like exploitation of human weakness.

Here's their video.

For more on this topic see Robert Mercer's psyops behind the extremist takeover in the Writing to Congress group.

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Good advice, tom!

"Anticipatory obedience teaches authorities what is possible and accelerates unfreedom."

 tom sarbeck

I say, once again, thank you, Tom, for catching me in my "unfreedom" thinking. 

You are most welcome, Joan. You are too valuable an ally to lose to a charismatic wanna-be leader.




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