If you have not visited this website yet, you are definitely going to like it (http://www.stemcellresearch.org/index.html).

This is an anti-embryonic stem cell organization. There Founding Statement recognizes the use of embryonic stem cells as unethical since the cells are inevitably destroyed. They have catalogued much of the debate (of course from the pro-alternative perspective), from 1999 to present, regarding the use of embryonic vs alternative stem cells. Additionally, at there website, you will find links to papers favorable to stem cell alternatives.

If you are interested, I would encourage you to read their Founding Statement and then take a look at the Facts and Information section.

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I thought that embryonic stem cell research could be done from the placenta, and no babies have to be killed for that. I thought that it was a big misunderstanding. In that case, I would support stem cell research.
There has been some research into that, but right now, ESCR means research that requires the destruction of a human embryo.

There is non-embryonic stem cell research, which of course doesn't have the same ethical problems.




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