I have been in the closet for a few months now. It's been building up inside me so much that my temper has flared, I've lost sleep and have been pretty distant with everyone. I felt this way because my whole social life is strictly religious. I felt like a crazy conspiracy theorist sitting in a dark corner watching the madness go on around me. Finally, I sat down with my wife and had a talk. I didn't even bring it up, but she knows that I'm not religious. She brought up the God topic and I just confirmed that I cannot believe this glorious creator along with its fictitious book is real at all. We got in a heated debate. She cried and we yelled. I stood firm with my beliefs. No one really won the debate. I personally feel like I aced with flying colors, but nothing I said could get past her. This God of hers is pretty special. I understand because I was there too. Most everything she refuted with was either based on something from scripture or made up just to have material to argue with. We may never see eye to eye on this subject. We didn't go to sleep mad at each other. In fact, it strangely made us closer. Maybe because we hadn't sat down just to talk for a long time. So, step one is complete. Now I just have to figure out when or if I'll let everyone else know..

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That must've hard to do. I'm not sure when the best time to let everyone else know is, but it seems you've made it past the hardest part, hopefully for good. You already know how to stand beside your beliefs. Remain strong and continue to support her, as I hope she will support you. I wish you both the best.
That's a brave step to take. Good luck. I'm sure everyone here is pulling for you! :-)




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