Crap comedian Steve Harvey, who's about as funny as genocide, won't speak to anyone who's an atheist. Damn! I was so looking forward to having a stimulating conversation with this intelligent man who says he can't believe we just came from a "gastrous ball" - yes, he said gastrous - and evolved from monkeys. He asks "why we still got monkeys?" Can't argue with that kind of intellect! Or grammar!

Steve advises women not to date atheists because they have no moral barometer. Millionaire Steve must have misplaced his barometer when he mentally and physically abused his ex-wife, conned her out of millions and failed to pay child support. Of course he was completely innocent of all allegations, which is why he defended himself in a court of law. Oh, wait, no he didn't. He paid her $10m to shut her up.

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what a douche bag!! hahahaha!

"Crap comedian Steve Harvey…"

…Never heard of him.

"why we still got monkeys?"

There is some good news here, considering I have no absolutely desire whatsoever to talk to him.

Steve Harvey is truly painful to endure . He has morning radio show that my coworkers often listen to. So i have to as well.

The wife and i once had a roommate who confidently and assuredly would tell you anything and everything about almost any topic. And like a clock that didn't run would manage to be right twice in comparison to all t other times they were wrong. Idt Steve Harvey manages to be right even that often. Yet he proceeds as if it is understood that he is infallible . I have ,in fact,never once heard Mr. Harvey ever give the slightest hint that there is anything that he is not all knowing and certain of . The scary thing is that he regularly gives advise to his radio listoners

That dog exists is just one of the many things he KNOWS and wants to tell everyone about.

If he asked me "why we still got monkeys?", my response would be "I'd explain if I were talking to an intelligent person."  Then I'd query "My question is why we still got idiots like you that believe in 2000 year old superstitions?"

Well, I will talk to theists, and I don't paint all theists as lacking a moral barometer.  If I ever have a daughter, and she wants to date a Catholic, I would give her my metaphorical blessing.  I have never abused or cheated a woman in my life.  I am a better human being than Steve Harvey, and I am an atheist.  Go figure.

Do his fans balk at all at his bottomless stupidity and inferior, racist, homophobic, misogynist mind? Do Newt Gingrich supporters balk at his continued misogyny and hypocrisy?

Worst thing is that fame for comedy/acting/music, etc. elevates chimpanzee-minds (hey, chimps indiscriminately kill and torture their own too!) to alpha male status.  If some fundamentalist anti-choice blonde actress who's only fame is looking pretty in movies makes a "controversial" comment, she's on CNN and Fox faster than you can say demagoguery.  The human race sucks.




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