Hi folks,

To sum up my situation: I live in a very fundy community, but not far from communities that are much more secular. The problem is I'm sick a lot of the time and disabled and I can't drive all the way to those communities. Anything more than--say--45 minutes away is too far.

There are no atheist meetups here and the only one that is fairly close--one hour away--isn't well attended. Starting a meetup here would be a waste of time and I don't have the energy.

So. I'm really lonely.

The other day, my mother and I had a discussion about Catholics in the medical field denying the "day after" pill to women. Let's just say she's part of the problem. I was so upset at the time that I didn't say the clever things I should have said and only thought of them that night as I couldn't sleep, staring up at the ceiling. I wish I was as quick on my feet as Matt Dillahunty, but usually I'm too emotionally invested to think clearly.

I love my mother very much and as much as it hurts to admit this to myself, she's the only one who cares enough to help me through my illnesses. So I'm stuck here. I wish I had a friend who understands. Even someone to talk to occasionally would help.

Frustrated again,


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Hi AFL.I understand your plight. I was raised in the deeeeep south by soythern baptist and pentecostals. My earliest memories are of rejecting  religion. Actually since my mother wasn't married in 1962 I was labeledan abomination and NOT ALLOWED to be placed in the nursery in front of the glass with the other babies I was in a back room segregated because of the shame I brought to the family. I am stunned and mesmerized how massive numbers of good people can not even perceive there is no god. Religion destroys and are cauldrons of  hate and I have walked in those shoes. In the mid sixties I was basically hidden away because of the shame I brought. The pain of hearing the whispers and sneers of the good ladies in town affected me. I was young but never could understand what the hell everybody was talking about when  they made reference to the loving heavenly father.  It is shocking how hard it is even today to have intelligent conversations about reality. You are not alone and believe me it can  be lonely but things are improving. Religion is losing one key legit depended on. Isolation. With social media many people are slowly being de-programmed as the lines of our cultures blur. Feel free to chat anytime. I love this topic and  could go on all day everyday.

Take care,



Thanks, Patrick. It means a lot that you replied. I can't believe the stuff my mother believes and when she (rarely) changes her mind, she then is under the impression she has always believed that way. It's unreal.

"We were never at war with Eastasia. We're at war with Eurasia. We've always been at war with Eurasia." It's enough to make my head explode.

Hi AFL--  I live in the south too among Southern Baptists and don't drive at night so have also had trouble getting to gatherings of like minded people.  I hope you are using this forum for the friendship it can give, even though it isn't in person.  I think you are great to understand that your mom is a loving person in spite of being maddening in her thinking.  I laughed at your description of how her mind works, even though I'm sure it isn't funny at the time.  Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you and understand. 

Dang man that sucks! My family is the same and I'm finally starting to speak out and dealing with the dramatic aftermath. Any liberal type meetups in your area? At least you might have more in common with them.




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