Do you still adhere to vegetarianism? If so, do you still use the meat substitutes? What are your reasons for remaining veggie, if you do?

For me, I became an SDA and a vegetarian shortly before I honed life skills like preparing nutritious meals and shopping for food. So I just really don't know how to prepare meat. Also, I'm pretty healthy well into my late 50s, and I can't help but think that might have something to do with it. EGW said enough crazy and erroneous health stuff to fill a library, but the major points of the "health message" seem to be sound.

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My family was never fully vegetarian and furthermore as a young'in I used to go over to a friend's house for dinner, leaving out the fact that they were having pepperoni pizza. So no I am not vegetarian but I do not eat much meat because I figure with beans and nuts I can get the protein I need and some very good fats from the nuts as well. Like all things I find that total abstinence is unnecessary and instead moderation is a more reasonable way to live.

This post brings to mind a South Park episode. 

I became vegetarian before i converted to SDA, and my reasons for continuing are separate from religion. That being said, I do eat some organic and raw local cheeses, that I certainly did not before, or at least felt bad about it.

A atheistic friend who knows a bit about Egg white showed me recently a verse in Timothy if I remember correctly where it says if any one tries to convince you not to eat meat you know that they are of the devil. Didn't Mrs White ever read that verse?  Or any Adventist for that matter?




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