Do you still adhere to vegetarianism? If so, do you still use the meat substitutes? What are your reasons for remaining veggie, if you do?

For me, I became an SDA and a vegetarian shortly before I honed life skills like preparing nutritious meals and shopping for food. So I just really don't know how to prepare meat. Also, I'm pretty healthy well into my late 50s, and I can't help but think that might have something to do with it. EGW said enough crazy and erroneous health stuff to fill a library, but the major points of the "health message" seem to be sound.

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I was raised to think EGW writings regarding health were more valid than science and therefore more miraculous since these "truths" were supposedly revealed to her divinely. I now eat pretty much whatever I want without the guilt. I look back with some anger about being indoctrinated to think my eternal salvation could be at risk for eating shrimp or licking a pork chop. What a waste of mental energy.

My family was never fully vegetarian and furthermore as a young'in I used to go over to a friend's house for dinner, leaving out the fact that they were having pepperoni pizza. So no I am not vegetarian but I do not eat much meat because I figure with beans and nuts I can get the protein I need and some very good fats from the nuts as well. Like all things I find that total abstinence is unnecessary and instead moderation is a more reasonable way to live.

This post brings to mind a South Park episode. 

I became vegetarian before i converted to SDA, and my reasons for continuing are separate from religion. That being said, I do eat some organic and raw local cheeses, that I certainly did not before, or at least felt bad about it.


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