Stingy Atheists? Rick Warren=$2.4 million in a few days. Br. Richard=$3,076 in 2 months







It does make me wonder.  They do look enough alike that they MIGHT just be the same person.  I mean, have you ever seen them in the same room together?  Huh?


So why is it that one gets megabux at the flip of his fat little pinkie finger, and the other cant bring in diddly squat in 3 months?  Are Atheists stingy?


There is that big green button that says "Donate Online".  Hows about it?


(This is my opinion.  I am not a board member or founder of Nexus.  It does not reflect the views of this site.  Br. Richard will probably excommunicate me for this, but his alter ego might welcome me to Saddleback).

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I actually donate to a lot of things, a small village in Africa getting non religious help, kids in poverty getting the best possible teachers and principals :, etc.

I like that this site exists and run several ning sites myself as a volunteer, as well as several facebook fan pages that total up to around 30,000 fans last count. I dont get paid for any of that directly, but by effectively owning those platforms I can promote anything I want to contribute to, as well as have the opportunity to sell to a very targeted audience. I honestly do not see this site as a charity, but more as a business opportunity where the site owners are offering a service and getting paid in ad revenue, and if they do it right, they can also sell targeted ads or run special promotions for people like Richard Dawkins, various publishers etc. I dont donate to google, even though I use Google for free all the time, and I also dont donate to facebook even though I use it every day.

(ducks) Please dont kick me out of A/N, I just hold a contrary opinion to the idea of donating cash to this site as opposed to supporting it by participating in the first place (each post anyone makes is a significant contribution to the site, and that sometimes isnt appreciated), my loyalty is payment enough, and the founders simply need to encourage that, and find ways to monetize it...there are plenty of models out there.

Given all that I personally contribute to this site, I actually find the characterization of "stingy" quite insulting.
I view what I say on this site as a form of self expression. I do hope that it contributes to a sense of community and stimulates rewarding conversation, and sometimes guides it. And I know nothing about how to monetize a site. Now I have to get to work so that I can make a living.

I still hope that people will contribute. The site needs funds to go nonprofit and to grow as, not only a social networking site but also as a movement.

Expressing your opinion wont get you kicked out, Im sure. Except if you "out" Br. Richard as really being Rick Warren but on the opposite coast.
This site has a constant in-pouring of valuable, intellectual content and a loyal community many brands would kill for. If whoever runs it does not recognize that value, or is incapable of realizing the wealth that kind of value can bring in, its not really the fault of the membership. Id hate to give my $10 to this site because someone is (and I mean this in the most kind, respectful way) too lazy or incompetent to figure out how to make it pay for itself rather than a tiny village in Africa in need of medical supplies and food.

Honestly, were I in charge of this network, I would probably be able to quit my job and do it full time. Its got a huge potential for making a person's career, and I can't believe this isnt the case already. Come on, its the largest atheist social network on ning and its growing constantly. I'd start giving some pointers, but I'd have to charge :)
ryan cameron: Honestly, were I in charge of this network, I would probably be able to quit my job and do it full time.

Yes, I remember this "go to" attitude from quite a few years ago.

Hubris (also hybris) means extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities

This is also known as the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Honestly, you really don't have the hardware upstairs to understand the full ludicrousness of what you have just said. What you know about running a network like this would leave space on a postage stamp. What you don't know about it would fill the Library of Congress.

Do not make these types of grandiose statements because -

a) it belittles the people that do do the hard work, and

b) it makes you look like a flatulent dick.
The plumbing is seriously fucked up if a dick is flatulent. Just pointing out the thoroughness of the metaphor, in case anybody missed it.
Actually, I've seen it happen. 3 times. Believe me - you don't want it. Two were cases of colon cancer, causing the colon to adhere to the bladder, then dying in the center of the tumor, resulting in a connection between the colon and the bladder. It can also happen in the absence of a cancer, via pouches caused by diverticulosis and here. The medical term for passing gas in the urine is called."pneumaturia".

You are right, Jason - it is a sign of the plumbing being seriously fucked up.

Just thought you wanted to know. It will come in handy for dinner party conversation. If that's not interesting enough, you can discuss recto-vaginal fistulas.
Daniel, if only we had a transporter. I'd beam you in just so you can start discussions like this. I'd even cook vegetarian.
Thank you. These subjects are what make my life worth living.
Honestly, I was just guessing. Stands to reason, though. But I had never heard of those conditions, probably because they have yet to be highlighted on an episode of "House". I'm sure it's just a question of time before they do.

If it is, in fact, possible for fucked up plumbing to cause an actual brain fart, please don't tell me.
OK, I won't.

When I was a grad student at University of Illinois, I worked with bacterial activity that occurs inside cow stomachs. These cows had a special artificial anus-like system that allowed direct access to their rumens - very large, sac-like structures that hold many gallons of fermenting vegetation. Once in a while the cows would cough while I was obtaining samples, leaving me covered in rumen contents. There wouldn't be time to shower before going to my microbiology lectures. Other students often refused to sit near me.

Not sure why I remembered that just now.

The amount of arrogance and rudeness, and disregard of any sort of decency in your statement above is astounding.
Yes. And given that the Dawkins forum just burst at the seams because of technical issues, even when it employed full-time professional administrators, makes it look so much more absurd. That site was less than 5 times the size of this one - "were I in charge of this network" ... Indeed. It would burst into flames and vanish.




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