Stingy Atheists? Rick Warren=$2.4 million in a few days. Br. Richard=$3,076 in 2 months







It does make me wonder.  They do look enough alike that they MIGHT just be the same person.  I mean, have you ever seen them in the same room together?  Huh?


So why is it that one gets megabux at the flip of his fat little pinkie finger, and the other cant bring in diddly squat in 3 months?  Are Atheists stingy?


There is that big green button that says "Donate Online".  Hows about it?


(This is my opinion.  I am not a board member or founder of Nexus.  It does not reflect the views of this site.  Br. Richard will probably excommunicate me for this, but his alter ego might welcome me to Saddleback).

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Heh. And in some cases, an anti-congregation.
My tongue just macrame'ed itseld trying to say "Anathema Maranatha". Help!

Maybe this would make a forum topic.
Personally, as an internet professional myself, I appreciate what goes into a site like this - certainly more than meets the eye; regardless of the 'pre-fab' underlying architecture being taken advantage of.

Currently, the truth is that I am too financially strapped to help much with dollars. I continue to provide a day of my time once a month to a variety of causes (usually involving sick or underprivileged children.)

I click on ads (especially theist ones so they can help fund their 'opposition'), and am also aware that I help to provide content that garners ad impressions as well. I haven't a clue what that adds up to. Sadly, not enough I'm sure.

However, once my finances improve (I have taken two pay cuts that are over a year old now and my wife has been receiving only a fraction of her former workload in the same time frame) I will gladly become an ongoing contributor with dollars as well as content.

I have found that A|N provides more than an outlet for expression - but useful information, entertaining discourse, and other encouraging evidence of intelligent life in the universe.

In any case, I will also be looking into Felch's suggestions. I appreciate creative solutions and often take advantage of them.
There are many ways to help when one can't afford to contribute money. I'm glad you pointed out some of those ways, Howard.
Stingy? ME?

Compared with whom? I give a few dollars to the odd charity which knocks on my door.I give a monthly pledged amount to one charity ;'Medicins Sans Frontieres' and to one other, ad hoc ;'The Fred Hollows Foundation' .I chose these two charities after months of research. I'm confident my money will be spent on things I consider important.

No internet forum comes close to that level of importance to me.
It makes me sad that Nexus isn't worth $10.00 a year for you. I debated even responding to this, which is a bit like taking the bait.

If every member contributed $10.00 once annually that's what, 15,000 members so $150,0000 per year. As it is, the fundraiser is under $4,000, so about 26 cents per person.

Gosh, Im sure that your other charities are very grateful for your contributions. I know they are worthy.

I want to say, if it's not even worth a cup of coffee to you, then why are you bothering?

Wow, I got through this without saying something sarcastic or profane. IT's comments like yours that make me wish this was a pay site.
I highly doubt that we have over 15,000 active participants at Atheist Nexus. There is probably at most 3000 real people that are revisiting this site regularly. There is just so many things and sites to do on the internet.

As for charity status, that won't help those that are outside the USA.

I did my share of donation.
Thank you for your donation. It means a lot.

But on your argument, OK, say, 3000 active members. The current amount on the chipin is 3,344.21. Divide by the estimated 3,000 mkembers. That's $1.11 per member. I accept the correction - much more generous than I originally calculated.

To be clear, I am not a board member or moderater, just a contributer to Nexus. I speak only my own opinion.



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