Scientists are claiming that the bluestones that form part of Stonehenge in fact came from a location a mile away from where thought for the last 90 years. Their claim is based on comparisons of geochemical analyses of Stonehenge rock , the rock of the previously thought location of origin and the rock of what they now think is the location of origin of the bluestones. Per the article:


But new research about to be published suggests that over the decades they may have been chipping away at the wrong rocky outcrop on the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire.....Now, using geochemical techniques, Bevins and his colleagues have compared samples of rock and debris from Stonehenge with data from the Preseli site and concluded the bluestones in fact came from Carn Goedog. Bevins, who has been studying the geology of Pembrokeshire for over 30 years, said: "I hope that our recent scientific findings will influence the continually debated question of how the bluestones were transported to Salisbury Plain."....The paper setting out the discovery is to be published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.


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