Stop "Creation Science" Indiana Senate, The State of Indiana, petition:

The passage of this bill and the teaching of so-called creation science in public schools greatly undermines the value of American education. That this was even proposed is a serious embarrassment to Americans everywhere and is a blatant mockery of the constitution and of real science education. We should unite against any proposals that will ultimately undermine our children's education and our competitiveness in education, science and innovation. Real science in the science classroom, period.

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Ok will sign the petition.
Yes great website!

I don't understand how informing us and soliciting our signatures dilutes lawyerly efforts.

I think, as a legislative tactic, those in the house who do not believe in creation science should introduce a bill to make creation science an optional subject.

what good would that do?  it would lend credence to something that is completely baseless.  creation science is a misnomer of monumental proportions.  it's an oxymoron, with the emphasis on moron.  it has no place in any public classroom - period.  the Bible can be taught in comparitave religion class, and that's as far as i'd be willing to go. 

in comparitave religion class

I do not think that even catholic parents would really like their children to learn creation science since they very well know that science is the future and they can not leave their children out of this. The creation science will then be exposed for what it is. Besides, anyway, the catholics are not in majority in US and all others would want their children to learn science.

Tell me something, how did you reach this startling conclusion ? You are right about one thing,Catholicism is not a majority Christian world view in the US. That dubious honour goes to the fundamentalists, and as they reject evolution and in fact favour  Biblical literalism why would you suppose they would then accept a science orientated education for their children. I am going to post a link to a video called "Judgement Day" I suggest you watch it. The subject matter relates to your points about teaching creationism (or in it's other manifestation intelligent design) and the fight to prevent that happening.The irony here is that some of the most important scientific evidence is in fact delivered by a devout Catholic.Watch and enjoy and become informed.

jeremy belcher

Tell me something, how did you reach this startling conclusion ?

Science is total truth and the religious know very well in their minds that science can not be denied. Considering the fact that our lives are so very much entwined in science and the rapid progress science is making, it will take only a fool to underestimate  science. I do not underestimate the intelligence of the faithful flock. All  the braveness they demonstrate is only meant to keep the flock together.

Just recently, I was having a discussion with an American creationist on internet, and my sixth sense judged that he did not have a very high confidence level while answering my questions.Religion never survived without hypocracy and it isn't any different today also.

No Madhukar the religious do not secretly accept scientific evidence, did you not bother to watch the video I linked to. If you believe this is so then why not contact the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and tell them that they can pack up and go home the job is done. Alternatively you could visit the site and see the state of play in the ongoing fight to protect science education in the US.

 After that follow the link below. It will give you an insight into the mind of the believing creationist as she argues that evolution is not proven.

 And at least watch the video.




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