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Stand by for the inevitable vax conspiracy loon invasion.
cigs also cost a fortune over here, roughly converted about $10 US for a pack of 20
Awesome! Humans are soooo frikkin' whacky. A vaccine for the prevention of addiction to a toxic habit.

I quit 13 years ago after smoking my weight in tobacco over ten years. I did it, partially, armed with the knowledge of the difference between a toxin, a nutrient, a drug and a medicine. Now, these are my definitions - but they are useful.

Toxin - a substance taken into the body that has negative effects on the health of that body.

Nutrient - a substance that has positive and, in most cases, necessary effects on the health of the body.

Drug - exhibits qualities of both a toxin and a nutrient. Note, a toxin in small quantities may be more like a nutrient and a nutrient in large quantities may act more like a toxin. In both cases, there is a quantity where some toxins and some nutrients can act as drugs.

Medicine - a drug whose positive qualities outweigh the negative in the treatment of disease to the body.

Why is this important? Nicotine is a neuro-toxin - a poison to the nervous system. However, it is also a stimulant to the parts of the brain that are active during effective responses to crisis and times of extended concentration. This has been shown with brain mapping studies.

So I would look for study into how this might effect the normal (nutritive) chemical reactions in those two regions of the brain when clear and concentrated thinking are necessary. Part of how I quit was to play my saxophone - replacing the oral fixation and, as it happens, my coping and concentration method of choice. I'd hate to see a vaccine that made it harder to be a fireman or good jazz musician.

BTW - THAT is the style of whacky vax conspiracy loony tunes I get. If it stops a virus or form of the plague or whatnot - give me TWO shots, doc!
I enjoy smoking too but I also know I need to stop now. Have had numerous attempts at stopping and failed miserably.
When I've tried to stop before, apart from the weight gain the most annoying thing I get is that my teeth feel like they're throbbing when I get the urge for a tabend.


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