Enough is enough! 

There has been way too much silliness and name-calling on Nexus lately. People are joining groups they disagree with simply to argue with group members. Others are stalking and chasing members around the site simply to harass them. Thin-skinned or not, this has caused visits to Nexus to be a chore for many, and a few have left the site. 

The only qualification to be a member of Nexus is to be a nontheist. Other than that we are a community. Civil debate is welcome in the forum, but should not be tolerated in individual groups (unless this is the purpose of the group), and on member pages.

If you are unsure what is acceptable behavior, check out the Site Rules. If you are having a problem or you notice anyone violating the rules, please use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of every page. 

Finally, I am seriously considering adding the title of the below Phil Plait speech to our rules.

Click to open video in a separate window: Don't Be A Dick

What do you think? Good idea or not? I am interested in any feedback and open to solutions. I'm not looking for complaints.

Be forewarned that NO member names will be allowed in comments.

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ah, keywords, stalk and abuse... there you have it. There's no shelter from the humorization (is that a word?) of religions and or their misconceptions of the natural and modern world we live.

So, yes, this is a nexus to shed light on the stalking and abusing of the USA since so and so and the fear mongers got 'GOD' put on the money and pledge. C'mon folks, let's petition to change that so the forefathers stop turning in their graves!
So much for hittn' the streets and organizing real activism aye?

I suggest that name calling is ok, vulgar name calling not.
Sure enough there are lurkers from faith-based organizations, data mining away their days for some god(s)... bank account etc..

So yeah, why stoop to the level of the enemy amongst ourselves?
Amazing in the year 2010 we still have such strife over myth-based-heritage-rooted hatred or common ignorance; in the free world. Some would like it to be further pushed toward 3rd world I'm sure. I call em' fascists.
Aw, come on, half the fun of this website is watching the dicks call out the non-dicks and then see the non-dicks whine about the dicks. Then the dicks bitch about the non-dicks for being oversensitive and then everyone bitches about too much whining and bitching.

I know, I use to be somewhat of a dick six months ago and coincidently, this site has become basically boring to me lately because I rarely comment on anything anymore. (I still read a lot.) Maybe I should try being somewhat of a dick again... or maybe I should just move on.

You know, madness can be entertaining sometimes - just like a train wreck. Just wait 'til there's 5 times more members.
Sorry to hear that Dave. Perhaps we are not for you anymore.

Rest assured if you plan on being a dick to the non-dicks and this causes the non-dicks bitch about how much of a dick you are, you will be leaving with your dick in your hand.
Don't worry. I've been married for 22 years. My dick is very familiar with my hand.

And your warning is noted.
Ha! I'm 22 years in myself. Thank FSM there are ways to prevent atrophy.
@Daniel: Yeah I love that scene, and the movie.

I never said that some people weren't dicks, etc. Also, I never said some people weren't idiots. My point is about how we treat and communicate with fellow members of Nexus.
Richard, I'm sure this site is based on a forum software package deal of sorts but I am a programmer by profession. So if some sort of API or functionality is possible and desired let me know, I may be able to donate some time.
"My point is about how we treat and communicate with fellow members of Nexus."

Point taken, for a lot of groups the dick-like behavior does not seem to much so much of a problem. Some groups however, due to the content have more discussions about topics that have the potential to go completely banana's.

Posting about veganism in an ethics group is a trainwreck waiting to happen, what would you suggest in such a case. Would you suggest (enforce) a separate "forum" thread to be created?
I agree.There are certain ways to approach conversations, people have gotten so use to dealing with theists, where you sometimes need to use a big stick about it, that they forgot that it’s not always the best approach to take with other subjects. I am an atheist that came from a Jewish background, and one of first people i had a conversation with when I came onto atheist nexus was an atheist that comes from a Muslim background. We had a great conversation where we both got to express our ideas and what we thought were some of the issues with no name calling or angry behaviour. I’m sure we both have more in common about what we believed in regard to many of the Middle Eastern conflicts than disagreements. We did more as atheists in 2 days than Israel and Palatine could in 60 years. But keep in mind, that’s a 2 way street. If somebody wants you to explain yourself, you have to be able to step up without insulting them personally. We atheists have higher standards, we need to own that.
PZ Myers' take on Phil Plait's Don't be a Dick talk

The Dick Delusion

...A few people are speaking out against the talk. Stephanie Zvan points out that Randi is one of these 'dicks', that his willingness to sneer at charlatans was an important factor in her own acceptance of skepticism. Matt Dillahunty thinks Phil was making a bit of a dick move himself, which actually demonstrates the utility of the making people think with a little harshness. I also fear that one of the reasons for the popularity of Phil's talk (it did strike a chord with many) is that it reassured many that certain aspects of belief were going to be walled off from skeptical criticism in the name of politeness and tone and courtesy.

There is a fair point being made, that there are multiple strategies that work to convince people to rethink bad ideas, and they don't all involve punching people in the face…and many of the best strategies do involve politely listening and criticizing. But I think the best ideas involve a combination of willingness to listen and politely engage, and a forthright core of assertiveness and confrontation — tactical dickishness, if you want to call it that...

I agree with PZ




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