Stopping people from being supplied condoms and education is immoral as unprovoked war...

Gotta hand it to the fundy/catholic/whatever influence.. done a number on the USA...

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I'm still wondering, if you could sue the catholic church and the pope in particular with involuntary manslaughter. If someone dies from aids, which he contracted because he didn't use a condom after hearing the popes speech.

So who do you sue when a condom is used and and an std is contracted anyway?

I've never seen a condom package that did not specifically state that condoms are not a prevention for disease - or pregnancy.

You want to bet your life on a flimsy piece of latex?

Knock yourself out.

I'll opt for my own judgement and a little forbearant self-restraint.

Served me pretty damned well so far...

hustler rox
& all larry's books! can I geta ay'meghn!




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