Let me start by saying I don't have an opinion about the film "American Sniper" yet. I usually try to avoid being part of a hysteria, so I have not seen it. I get the impression from things I've read, it is just a documentation of what it was like to serve in Iraq, mostly. I am former military so I have respect for all service people. I will probably watch it at a later date.

Recently during group discussions with acquaintances, someone will chime in announcing they have seen American Sniper. They usually say it was "pretty good" and blah about it a little, you know. Then, strangely, the conversation slides to the JFK assassination every time. Seen this happen 3 times this week (and I am not causing it). They start talking about who was behind it, grassy knolls, magic bullets, etc. The only thing they always agree on is that Lee Oswald could not have possibly done it on his own. Impossible, end of story.

I happen to disagree. I used to believe all that conspiracy stuff about it. Hell, I even read crazy man Jim Garrison's book. Watched the Stone film. Seen Zapruder 60 million times. Then it all got blown out of the water for me. Three things:

1. The Carcano rifle can easily be bolt actioned and fired in the allotted time if the first bullet is pre chambered. People have duplicated this numerous times.

 2. Magic bullet is not valid if Gov Connally is twisted in his seat (which he was) instead of the way he is depicted as facing straight forward in perfect posture.

3. Just because Kennedy's head moves backwards, does not necessarily mean the shot came from the front. A rifle won't blow a person across the room like in a western.

These things, along with the idea that the simplest explanation is usually the right one, have led me to the conclusion Oswald did it. Alone. All the viable, concrete evidence points in one direction. Everything else is hearsay or outright conjecture. The Warren Commission was correct.

Today I made the mistake of stating what I thought and was met with damn near ridicule from about ten people. They could not believe how nutty I am. Invariably the conversation reached it's ultimate answer. Someone smoothed it right out by saying "Well, the only way we're going to know for sure is when god tells us after we get to heaven".

Every time I've seen this conversation, it  ends with the same statement about god. Then me shaking my head thinking "fucksake"

The stupid.........it hurts.

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Hi roland707,

Here is a short story to share with your conspiracy kook friends the next time you get a chance --

“A group of elderly JFK conspiracy theorists were comparing notes when one of them suddenly had a heart attack. After going through the whole tunnel light scenario he finds himself facing God. He asks “Oh Lord, who really killed JFK?” And God replied “It was Oswald acting alone.” At that point the EMTs were able to jolt him back to life. Later in the hospital with his co-theorists he said in a low voice “The conspiracy is bigger than we thought.”

I don't think we are dying and going to heaven for god to tell us anything. I'm also not sure on the JFK murder. In high school as it happened and that has bothered me my entire life. I've read and studied almost every major book written about it. I won't get into conversation about it unless you say stupid shit.

Now, for "American Sniper." It's a movie about a man serving multiple terms in Iraq as a sniper and out of 250 possible kills he got 159 or something. That made him a legend. He was very good at what he did moreso than many of the others. What he did was "protect" our team over there. He did his job. Somebody has to do this, and you can possibly guess that I'm also ex-military.

One thing about the movie made no sense to me. During battle or a battle breaks out and suddenly there is cell phone action. Somebody is on the phone back home as battles go on. I thought it was terrible. I also thought a cell phone could set off a bad situation even if the phone was on vibrate. None of this should have been allowed. More modern soldiers have convinced me that it is allowed and the movie is accurate.

Overall, "American Sniper" is a damned good movie.

There was a story that the Warren Commission was brought together again to examine Teddy Kennedy's mishap at Chappaquidick. Their conclusion was that when the car hit the water, the impact was so great it threw Mary Jo Kopecne's panties through the glove compartment door.

That's a good one Bertold. My conclusion was that Teddy might have been afraid of Mary Jo "Gopeckme." regardless of panties. You could just look at it that both parties were drunk and Mary Jo drowned while Teddy ran away not knowing what to do. At any rate, America decided that if you are going to drown your date driving off a bridge you won't be a good president.

I agree, roland, but todays modern military tells me this is normal and realistic for the soldier of today, and that's how much the military has changed. In my mind I see you on a secret mission with the phone on vibrate, and it starts buzzing and gives you away as the enemy opens fire.

I too get tired of pathological conspiracy theorists.  Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, Dick Cheney orchestrated 911, Big Pharma wants to keep you sick, etc., etc.  The JFK assassination was a defining moment in my adolescence, and has been on the fringe of my consciousness since.  I agree Roland that the available evidence suggests a lone shooter.  What still bugs me is that shooter's motivation and whether he acted all on his own or with influence from one or more of JFKs many powerful enemies at home and abroad.

Kennedy was deeply hated by Khrushchev, Castro, Hoover, Dulles and others..  Hell even my Dad, a Democrat, hated him.  He had tried to kill Castro, and had symbolically castrated Allen Dulles (director of the CIA) after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, simultaneously offending much of the military.  His brother Bobby, the Attorney General, has hard on J. Edgar Hoover's heels, and the Russians just hated him because he hated them.  That's a pretty strong enemy list, and Oswald possibly, if not plausibly, had dealings with all of them.

It probably was a lone gunman that did the deed, but was he motivated solely by his own delusions or was he a largely unwitting tool of greater forces?  Regicide is as old as kingdoms.  JFK wasn't formally a king, but functionally was at a time when forces arrayed against him were greater than at any time in history.


Well put, Ted, but you left out the Mafia. JFK had Carlos Marcello, the Louisiana kingpin,   deported and when he came back he was really pissed.

It has been stated before that Oswald actually admired Kennedy. In questioning he was asked what he thought would happen if someone killed the president and Oswald reportedly replied that most likely he would be replaced by someone who had his same views. This may have come before the official announcement of JFK's death, but is a strange admittal for a murderer.

I challenge anyone to think about travel back and forth as Oswald did in 1960 and as quickly as he did it. Name me someone else that did it.

Yes, and then we have that wonderfully patriotic gangster, Jack Rubenstein. He shot and killed Oswald because he didn't want Mrs. Kennedy to have to go to trial on this. That's what it was about. Forget the facts of whether that ancient rifle could have been manipulated quickly enough to have fired the fatal shots that killed JFK. Now the aftermath of that shooting hinged upon 2 men known to the Marcello family and to each other, - something that wasn't brought out much at the time.

Then we have the fact that Oswald had brought "curtain rods" to the book depository that day. JFK's party was supposed to have stayed on the Stemmons Freeway rather than turn and come right past the depository. Had that have happened there would be a snowballs chance in hell of hitting Kennedy. Now we have to contend with who had the power to change the route that day, and why?

Looks like it all fits.

Who believes the story of the guy who killed Oswald? That is just plain fishy to me. 

Fishy, and it has American Mob written all over it, and in those days the Mob was in bed together with the CIA. The reason behind all of this was Cuba.

That's true, Freethinker, but Oswald married his wife while in Russia. What most of us were meaning in this forum was Oswald's apparent ease of travel to Russia in a time when the average citizen could not have gotten the passport and visa so quickly.




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