Students use Free Gideon Bibles in Texas Schools to Beat Jews and Roll Joints

Ha!  While I don't like the Jewish kids getting hit with the bible, I do LOVE it when things backfire against the Christian Bible pushers.

"Texas parents are complaining that a program to distribute free Gideon Bibles at schools may have backfired. So many Bibles were distributed to students in Plano and Frisco that students reportedly began to use them as weapons, sold them, or even uses the pages to roll joints. In one particularly disturbing account, a Jewish boy was attacked by Christian students throwing the bibles at him."

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If more students would use them for rolling joints they would be less likely to throw them with any accuracy or power at any other kids.
It would be fun not sad if the bully aspect were not so serious.
Well, we are talk'n about TEXAS, after all! (Ducking and running here!)
Hey, not all Texans are so violent as to throw a bible at someone! (Throws Koran at Rusty)
What an awesome couple of metaphors! ... beating up people who are different with the Bible (literally and figuratively) and using it as opium to sedate oneself (literally and figuratively) ... this is golden!
Use them to build a nice building for holding your atheist functions.
I've used bibles for throwing (not at any specific ethnic or religious group though lol) and for rolling!
I know this might come up eventually. How the hell do you roll with bible paper?

The key to rolling a good joint with bible paper is to have one edge (the one where the glue would usually be) torn and jagged. If you cut the paper shape out with scissors it will never stick. It has to be torn, then of course apply liberal amounts of saliva and let it dry for a minute.

Another method is to use a series of pins (like the ones that come with a nice button up shirt) to hold the joint together about a 1/4 inch apart all the way along the length. The pins fall out as you smoke it and provide a nice kind of roach clip when you get to the last couple of them.

Enjoy kids!!
I laughed my ass off reading this. :>
Sounds like someone has experience in these matters... :3
For the record, the first time I did it I was out of papers for rolling tobacco. It was a disaster. I couldn't get the paper to stick together. It was my second attempt that led to my enlightenment on the mysterious properties of bible paper. And, of course, my second attempt at a bible roll was for some really nice bud that just should not have been smoked in a pipe. You have to work with what you have. And I stole that bible fair and square from a hotel room so it was mine to smoke. =)
It was indeed.




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