Study Finds 75% of Americans Believe Bible is the Word of God: We Have Far to Go, Sisters and Brothers of Science and Reason

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Related: Gallup's Values and Beliefs Survey conducted in May found that more than 40% of Americans continue to believe in strict creationism. The proportion of Americans accepting unguided evolution doubled, to (only!) 19%, at the expense of those believing that a god guided the evolution of humans.

Hit the link for more, including the unsurprising correlations with religious attendance, educational attainment, and age.

When you read these surveys they seem "loaded" to me. In the questions they ask, the existence of god is a given. Maybe the polsters don't want to appear atheist maybe? This is almost a joke.

The Dead Sea scrolls revealed that there were many sacred books and scriptures that we didn't even know about. Lots of them are lost today and didn't make it into our "bible." In fact, the best selling bible is translated into many versions and we have no originals for any of our "versions." The translators simply redo everything again and again off of the previous version. That's right folks. They are making that shit up. However, there is a small fragment of one original in a museum in London.

I wonder if any of our 75% of bible believers know this? There is nothing to back up the existence of the best selling book of all time. It's about money, folks.

God is imaginary.

All polls and surveys are biased one way or another, and how you ask the questions makes all the difference. People in a state with the ACA Medicaid extension said they loved their healthcare but they hated Obamacare. Go figure.

Doesn't matter if they know it or not Michael. You know that's how their god meant it to be. That's what I've been told by the theists l know. Lol

"Sisters and Brothers of Science and Reason?"

Maybe we should start with a round of We Shall Overcome?

But yeah, those are some scary statistics, even accepting a certain amount of biased polling.

We have been walking on eggshells for far too long. We don't want to confront the lies, distortions delusions and superstitions because we might offend someone. This reaction is the kind of behavior that enables borderline personality disorder to keep on going and going and going. We deal with a sick value system that screams "persecution" whenever we tell the truth about their religions. 

Well, we just can't afford to do that anymore. Young Earth creationists will ride that albatross until the Earth chokes on fossil fuel emissions and they claim it is god's will in order to punish sinners. Well it is greed, hubris and domination that is killing us and god has nothing to do with it. It is human caused, humans can face reality and start doing everything possible to prevent the known outcome if we continue as we have been. 

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Part of the disconnect between atheists and theists comes from different philosophical goals. The atheist is looking for truth and sees religion as a delusion, but the theist is looking for assurance that the world is just, that everything is under control and will come out well in the end. The atheist has the courage to accept reality just as it is, but the theist cannot accept a view which to him is bereft of hope and comfort, a view in which life after death balances out all the injustices of this world.

The theist is also looking for something else: agreement. They want others to agree with them to reinforce their beliefs. The problem of course is that the atheist introduces a different point of view and a different mindset which challenges their desire for universal agreement. Thus comes the introduction of cognitive dissonance and all the drama that comes with it.

If we were talking about the theory of relativity I might understand. Taking things as given, so that they do not have to be debated, not even revisited. But there are no other even minimally viable explanations for why we stay put on our planet and do not float out into space. The evidence supporting the theory is abundant, starting with the fact that we have a north and south pole. Fanon said that cognitive dissonance prohibits any progress being made. The more and the longer one believes the harder it is to shake it.




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