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Can we really say this is surprising?  Believers and particularly christians rely on the doctrine of forgiveness of sins, lying being one such, and since at some level they see themselves advancing the cause of their god and his putative savior, they don't see a lie as being that big a deal.  Certainly the founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther, thought that lying in the service of his god had no necessarily deleterious effect.

Then, too, religious belief is an exercise in prevarication, exaggeration, and downright mendacity.  One could suggest that its practitioners are dealing in the common coin of their realm and not be at all mistaken.

Loren is exactly correct. Religious belief is lies and exaggeration taken to the limit. Martin Luther said it was OK to lie to promote god's "truth." He was also known to drink his beer and fart at the devil. Luther would say "here, devil. I blow you a little kiss."

I miss the reference on that right now, but I found it in print somewhere. I'm wondering what the man thought about the Easter Bunny?

Well ... he WAS German, wasn't he?  Odds on, he probably liked hassenpfeffer ... though during Lent, that might have been a bit gauche!

What's Opera ... Doc?

It could also mean that sociopaths are drawn to religion - easy profit.


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