Study: US Postal Service Biased Against Atheists

Atheist Shoes is a company in Berlin (footwear for the godless). After receiving many requests from customers in the USA asking they not seal packages with their branded packing tape (it repeats the word “atheist” on the tape) because of delays and loss, the company decided to do a test to see if postal workers were interfering with the delivery of the company’s packages, chalking up their customers’ concerns to paranoia.

They first conducted a control test of packages within Europe, with branded and plain tape, and noted no difference in delivery times.

They then mailed packages to people in the USA, one each branded and unbranded. Branded packages took on average over three days longer to be delivered, and were nine times more likely to be lost.

The company admits that the test was not completely satisfactory, and intends to do a more rigorous study, supervised by a university. The results of the company’s tests are at the link above. The commentary after the post is particularly interesting.

Packages coming from Germany must first pass US Customs. The company notes there were no particular delays in customs; the delays appear to be all with the USPS.

Of note, it is a felony for a postal worker to interfere with the delivery of mail.


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