Stunned: Fox News attacking GOP Candidate over his attitude to the SCOTUS decision on Gay Marriage.

Yes, I was stunned at the attack by Megyn Kelly on Mike Huckabee over his extreme stupidity regarding the SCOTUS decision to allow Gay Marriage.

I think for the first time in the last year that I have been watching Fox News reports for amusement at what the far right of U.S. politics think and their usual pandering to Republican candidates and Christian bigots, I've now been pleasantly stunned.

I think Megyn needs applause for her standing up for her very rational consideration of the case.

I had for a long time berated her as another mindless fake blonde, strictly following the Fox News doctrine of extreme bigotry.

I've since re-evaluated her to be far more intelligent and gutsy than my original perception.

Though I missed it, but I have read that this is not the first time she has attacked the nutjob Huckabee, as she has attacked him previously on his sexist attitude towards women.  Which she also deserves to be applauded for.

So Megyn Kelly deserves a lot of credit for taking such a strong stance in what is against the usual policy of her employer on such issues as gay marriage, and women's rights.

I think Megyn is the only glimmer of rational intellect I've seen on Fox News thus far!

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I think you are right, Dog. If she keeps this up I'll even admit that she is attractive! I don't want to go so far as watching Fox News though.

I only watch it for amusement Michael.

Sometimes it is almost as amusing as watching this popular Australian comedian.

Well apparently Megyn has legal training and is a fully fledged lawyer.

This means some of her legal points have a lot of credibility.

Especially her attacks on Ted Cruz's concepts.

Here's one of the world's biggest nutjobs in Pat Robertson giving his very slippery slope fallacy concerning America's gay marriage ruling.

I'm sure that Pat Robberson believes the USA was founded on modern Evangelical beliefs of Pentecostals and Baptists because that mean old king George wouldn't let us all practice our religion. Now it also comes out that he's an authority on Islamic law.

Of course, Michael - as god's representative here on earth, Pat knows everything!

Now here comes that Muslim man's wife expecting to get a little something legally from the relationship, and as they enter the court her lawyer pulls out some paperwork. His lawyer then says it doesn't apply.

His Lawyer:  "He said I divorce you three times."

Her Lawyer:  "Does that mean he went back to Kansas?"

His Lawyer:  "That remark is from a totally different mythology."

LOL Michael,


I've just had a go at a devout Catlick.

I've stated how Jesus is just a scapegoat which is like the stone-age tribal superstition which would dump all their faults/sins onto a goat and sacrifice it or send it off to die, to cleanse the tribe of guilt.

Yet, after 3 days the goat came back to life, and the tribe would consider this a failure as all their sins/guilt have just arrived back with that goat, thus they need to sacrifice the goat, yet again to make the ceremony successful.

Funny how Christians had their goat (Jesus) come back after 3 days and don't consider that he still carries their sins/guilt.

The Christian myth is the story of a failed stone-age scapegoat ceremony, the entire Jesus story amounts to absolutely nothing.

I'm still awaiting his reply.

Because, this will no doubt be a very interesting attempt at apologetics.


Heh! Lots of Christians do reenact or memorialize that sacrifice every week!

Then again, the scapegoat could return, magically cleansed -- it's no more unbelievable than the whole premise of gods and sins. If religion is one example of mindware that's "successful" if it takes hold in human hosts and spreads, then creating guilt and requiring people to keep finding absolution in that religion is actually an adaptive trait that contributes to the religion's success!

Or as Dan Barker wrote, "The very concept of sin comes from the Bible. Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making! Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?" (Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist)

Yes, a failed stone age scapegoat ceremony. It's in the Old Testament (Pesterment) in Leviticus 16. All the sins of the people are put on a goat who was turned loose in the wilderness and driven away. It also involves a lot of goat blood.Today we are to beleive that Jesus has become this goat for us, and that he bore our sins.

I never knew this until I entered Christianity. The very idea of it is insane! It must take a very good preacher to pull this off, but it is what keeps religion going. Without the church you don't even know that you are a sinner. Once you are into this you have to pray and suffer with Jesus daily, knowing that you had the most horrible sins of all. Your sins and you are now on that cross with Jesus. But it is OK. He loves you and forgives you. Through him you can do all things.

I'm back to Dan Barker where Christianity cuts you like a knife and offers to sell you the bandage. This is the most bizzare insane thing that I have ever heard of!

Now she is attacking/schooling Ted Cruz.

Is it that, even though she is a Republican supporter, she, like many Republicans are sick of the Crazies that her party is offering as candidates.

Especially completely off the planet loonies like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee


I find the interview to be very good. I remember a time that Kelly appeared very dumb because she wondered whom atheists were honoring if they didn't believe in god and wanted to put up a war memorial for people who fought and died. It was the dumbest remark I ever heard. Maybe in her view everybody is "up there" and "looking down" at us or something.

Back to this interview, something has got ahold of Megyn Kelly and I'm seeing her in a whole different light. She may have a bright future beyong Fox News.

Ted Cruz is another story. He's spouting off things he says are "against the Constitution" but what he really means is he sees recent events as against the teachings of his god. You can't mix Constitution and god.




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