I don't know if anyone is more alarmed than I am about our current slide over the slippery slopes above the cavernous plunge into theocracy. The only real proscription against abortion to be found in the Big World of Ideas is sheer religious dogma -- dogma founded in Roman Catholic superstition and myth. Until the last trimester, the fetus is not even a person. Science and reason tell us otherwise. It is only right to allow men to determine what a woman does with her body in such misogynistic Christian (and especially evangelical Christian) concepts as relegating women to the status of "help-mate." This is a kind of patriarchal second class citizenship. It may have been the norm in Neanderthal societies, but we are about to go to Mars. I say, put dresses on family values types like Tony (the PAC man, not the actor) Perkins, give him a womb, and let him have babies. Hide and watch as, from then on, he votes for choice.

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The much maligned, and much misunderstood, Aleister Crowley once wrote that he had sacrificed hundreds of perfectly beautiful children daily for a number of years. It was tongue-in-cheek and apropos Steve's observation, but it earned him the epithet in the gutter press (the kind of thing Murdoch put out in Australia and England), "the Wickedest Man in the World." When Crowley sued a former guest at his villa in Sicily for defaming him in a memoir, the Queen's Bench ruled that he was beyond being libeled, which implied that nothing anyone could say about Old Crow could possibly be defamatory. (Crowley was a tantric. Generally, tantrics believe that procreative sex is the most useless form of sexual expression -- tantrics use the sexual vehicle to raise consciousness.)
James, you are quite correct and America will be a Theocracy before the end of this decade. Think about the basic training for Christian Children. Born in sin, living as sinners and the only way to heaven is to beg for forgiveness from (name your God). These kids are given a "get out of jail free card" and never have to give right versus wrong a thought. They don't even have to worry about disasters as these are a sign from God. I lived with this problem since my first vote in 1954 and relaxed when I learned of the separation of church and state. It's gone now and will never be accepted by the Christian Industrial Complex.

We must get America back on the road to survival meaning allow science to direct our actions. We are getting to a point in America where there is much hunger and illiteracy. We are over populated with people who cannot feed or shelter themselves. We are over populated with people who think in terms of labels, not survival.

I am a Humanist and had to stop my addiction on politics. There is not a party, organization or candidate who can run on an honest agenda.
Afraid you are right on all points, though I wonder if the Theocrats can accomplish their takeover in just a decade. I mean, you saw what happened to Franklin Graham recently, uninvited to a prayer day event because of his negative words about Islam. And James Dobson has been fighting for theocracy for decades and is now retiring, mission unaccomplished. I think we have enough vigilant people, e.g. Barry Lynn, who are fighting back quite effectively. I think it may happen before the millenium, or maybe even this century, but I think within 10 years is a little off.
I hope you are right James.
I'm just selfish. I don't want my sons to live in a country like that. I have been playing around with a satire of it: a post-democratic society where you are punished for such things as using the Lord's name in vain (the priests decide whether you're guilty, then sentence you to a hundred hail Mary's), not obeying the blue laws (opening your business on Sundays will get you put in the stocks), and getting caught reading everyone on the government shit list, including Dostoievsky, Nietzsche, Shelley, and Huxley among the classics, and Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, and Dennett among modern freethinkers will get you burned at the stake. (And herein lies the secret: citizens in a theocracy are neither free, nor do they think. They live their lives as dogma dictates and never see the beauty in the benign indifference of the universe. We know, they believe.
Ooh ooh! Beat this one!! Utah recently put a fun law into place:


The article really isn't from a news site, so it's biased for sure, but it definitely brings up the painful aspects of it.
Long story short: A teen girl paid a man to beat her, trying to kill her unborn baby. Now the state wants to investigate miscarriages. Now, when abortion is legal, I think it's pretty sick to have someone beat it out of you. But miscarriages happen! Ugh, poor women... Seems like the last thing they need after losing a child is to be accused of homicide. This creates so many problems...
Wouldn't you suppose that most of the women who are anti-abortion are Stepford wives; that is, Christian "helpmates"?
"Until the last trimester, the fetus is not even a person."

I guess the fact the child's advanced nervous system (i.e., the brain) is operating well before the third trimester counts for nothing.
At this point, can it compose Tristan und Isolte? Write Hamlet? Paint "The Night Watch"? http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/L-personhood.htm
Who has, takes, the authority on whether a fetus lives or dies? Roe v Wade does not mandate abortions.



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