I don't know if anyone is more alarmed than I am about our current slide over the slippery slopes above the cavernous plunge into theocracy. The only real proscription against abortion to be found in the Big World of Ideas is sheer religious dogma -- dogma founded in Roman Catholic superstition and myth. Until the last trimester, the fetus is not even a person. Science and reason tell us otherwise. It is only right to allow men to determine what a woman does with her body in such misogynistic Christian (and especially evangelical Christian) concepts as relegating women to the status of "help-mate." This is a kind of patriarchal second class citizenship. It may have been the norm in Neanderthal societies, but we are about to go to Mars. I say, put dresses on family values types like Tony (the PAC man, not the actor) Perkins, give him a womb, and let him have babies. Hide and watch as, from then on, he votes for choice.

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system of numbers.. that's all that is happening; who gets profit from the numbers of people.
now the privy and public are butting accounts perhaps.
Every time the abortion issue comes up, my mind puts on a quick play that goes something like :

Parent : "She's too young, she needs an abortion!"
Priest : "You do that and god will send you to hell!"
Parent : "She was raped, and is young enough that child birth could kill her."
Priest : "Well, that's what god wanted! Shouldn't have gone out to get raped!"

Usually ends up with a story twist, the pedophile priest being the rapist... but that's just a fictional story right? I mean, heh... when has a Priest ever raped a child?

The Church has no business in the bedrooms, lives, or hospital rooms of the world.
Ah, but this is how all religions keep you in their thrall: they blackmail you. Look at that closet homosexual, Tom Cruise. He got on an e-meter and told all. Then they said, great, give us some money. He did and they kept quiet about the lie detector test. Some people question Scientology's claim to be a religion. I don't see why. The RCC has the confessional. They know more about their congregants than the FBI, the CIA, and Sam Spade. I bet they keep files at the Vatican of all the deep dark dirty secrets of every wealthy and/or powerful man in the world who has told a parish priest he molested this girl or that boy, put a hit on a competitor, blackmailed a politician, whatever. What is the current Poop if not an old Gestapo man itching to confer sainthood on a Quisling predecessor. So, I say, Scientology has photographs of Cruise giving fellow Scientologist John Travolta a teabagging. That makes both Tom and John extremely religious if you ask me.
Ever notice the DHL ads (amongst many others I'm sure) in the Cruisentology movies?
What is the DHL connection, Shamus?
Tome Cruise? Really? Be fascinated to learn your evidence.--Must admit,I always had a funny feeling about his marriage to the Ice Queen. --reminded my of the now well known lavender marriage between Douglas Fairbanks senior and America's sweetheart, Mary Pickford, both of whom were as gay as larks.

'I'd heard a rumour' Scientology has threatened to out John Travolta if he leaves.
Quit stealing my rumors! The late William S. Burroughs, obsessed with Scientology, took swipes at it for foisting off on gullible flocks the notion that a skin galvinometer with a bunch of bells and whistles on it can "monitor" your inmost thoughts and feelings simply by interrogation by a "Clear." (These latter are people who work for the pyramid scheme; they've already given up all their money or most of it for the successively more expensive stages of your liberation from aliens who made us crazy.) No point in reminding them that in federal courts, and most of the States as well, polygraph tests are not admissible evidence. The RCC works the same way. Get a DVD of the movie, "True Confessions," with Robert DeNiro as Monsignor Spellacy, as corrupt a cleric as could be imagined, or consider the old Purgatory scams, allowing gullible mackerel snaps to buy a beloved relative or friend out of that nebulous place between heaven and hell. When you tell a priest your "sins" in a confessional, the Vatican is listening.
Okay, so are you proud to be an Okie from Muskogee NOW???

Here's the LATEST from the Sooner State.
We Texans have an old saying. When someone asks how you get to Oklahoma, you say, "Head due north, and when you smell shit, you're there. One more step and you're in it up to your neck." Of course, Texas has its own embarrassing laws.
Gee, Steve, you took the words right outta my mouth. GMTA, eh?
If you mean by, "it is so obvious to us but we are such a small minority," our atheism, I think you should put your concerns to rest: we are growing minority. Much of Europe is now freethinking, and you know what the religious right thinks of Europe! More and more young people are turning to secularism these days. Our future is assured. Our time will yet come! Thanks for the compliments.



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