Ok this is just a rant cause I need to get it out of my chest and I also need some hope for mankind. Sometimes I read articles on yahoo and then read the comments of average joe. An they depress me. I'm trying to avaoid reading comments all together. People complain about politicians but if I had to choose between 2 gropus or the lesser of two evils, give me an average politician over an average joe.


It's not just about religion, people believe in the weirdest and most stupid things and what's worse they want to force there believes in everyone. It's more than just religion it's about everything. I'm starting to think the only hope for mankind is to try to co-exist no matter what crazy thing his brother believes. I guess we atheist must accept that people will always believe in some deity and that instead of proving there is no God we must convince others that the only way to survive is to adopt a live and let live attitude. No wonder Stephen Hawkins has no hope for humanity.


What do you guys think? Will mankind rise to the occasion or are we truly destined to destroy ourselves now that we are linked by the internet?

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Conflict could be seen as population control.  Most conflict is over limited resources.  That being said, I wouldn't put too much stock into news comments.  Anonymity brings out the worst in people.  I doubt most of those people would say that stuff if people would be able to tell who they are.
Unless it's a blog that I really, really like where I know most of the readers are able to use logic, reasoning, and tolerance, I tend to stay away from the comments. It saves time, energy, and sanity.

And when you think about it, we might be destined to destroy ourselves whether there is an internet or not. And would that be such a bad thing? We are the ultimate parasites on this planet. I know that's depressing. But sometimes I just think the earth would be much better off without us.

I can empathize completely.  I mentioned this same issue on Facebook and the first response I got was "Internet Rule #372 - Don't read the comments".  You are definitely not alone.  I think the demographic of the folks commenting is generally uneducated.  When I'm feeling particularly ready for an argument though, I do like to jump into the fray.  I like being a voice for reason and I like to argue with people whose logic doesn't hold water.  I know I will not convince them.  My hope is that someone else who is not so far gone will read the exchange and think "Y'know, she's right."  Minds are changed one at a time.


Don't lose hope.  Fight the good fight.

When I read comments on some websites it just reinforces my belief that eugenics should be legal.

I'm torn between "we are going to rise above this" and "we are so royally screwed". On one hand, there are people who are good, kind, and do the right thing regardless of what some person in a pulpit says.


And then there are those on the other side who I guess we could label as sheep: they accept whatever and question nothing.


I have hope for the future, but I seriously think that there might be a dark age or two before we really do well...

When I think of how horrible the world once was, I have nothing but hope for our future.


While the Christian propaganda against evolution may seem horrible and ridiculous, scientists are not going to jail or being executed for speaking against the church. While the hate towards Arabs and other groups may seem extreme, they are not being murdered in the street by the police. While our politicians may seem corrupt and pathetic, we are not living in a dictatorship.  50 years ago it was considered acceptable for a restaurant to not serve black people. Now a black man is our president and most people are fine with that.


Bigotry and hatred are losing. The internet and the unstoppable freeflow of information has helped us all, and religion has turned into a gimmick for most everyone. Half of the people who call themselves Christian don't go to church, don't believe most of the bible, don't practice the horrible things that we see preached, and are religious in only the most loose sense.


The zealots that remain are rightly worried about the direction the world is headed. The opinions of the populace are turning against them and their teachings are being contained in a smaller and smaller box. They will say practically anything to suggest that this is a bad thing, blame everyone in sight and say utterly ridiculous things in desperation. But when you hear these things, just remember that every horrible thing that is spoken today was accepted without needing to be spoken yesterday.

You sir have made an excellent counter-argument in defense for mankind. I'm glad you took your time to post.

I read the comments on Yahoo too - sometimes only to give the big thumbs down to the really mean people.  At least, it lets them know others think they are jerks.  Not that it matters, but enough thumbs down gets comments removed.   You can run into some people making caring comments.  I like to read the comments on Dear Abby, for example.  They often have better advice than she does. 


I agree with you.  Live and let live is the way to go.  Diversity is the spice of life.  If we were all the same and believed the same, it would be boring. 


Reading the comments can be entertaining and it lets you know what people think.  When they think there are no repercussions, people will really let it all hang out.  And sometimes, they should be holding it all in. 

Yahoo. Ugh. I've never been to 4Chan, but Yahoo invokes the same disgust, seeing as it's far more public. I have to will myself not to look at the inane comments on every article. Anyway, I don't think the Internet will effect the world much. Remember, animosity is why most people post those things.




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