A not-so-bright friend of mine sent me an e-mail that had been forwarded to her and she was forwarding it to everyone and wanted them to forward it to as many people as possible.  The jist of it was that within 20 years, sharia (sp?) will have taken-over the U.S., as the muslims with their horrible values try to out-number the christians, with their good values, and the muslims holy book is horrible, but the christians' holy book is wonderful.  It said we must act now to put christian laws into place, blah, blah, blah...

WOW.  I just hit reply and said NO religion has a place in making laws for our country.  We should ONLY follow the Constitution of the United States and that is it!!!!

Of course, no reply from her. 

"the dumb" just gets me every time.  I can't stand it.  lol.

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You CAN edit your original post, you know!  Look under "Options" at the top of the screen.

You're right.  They just don't get, do they?

Has your friend noticed how some christians are trying to do the very same thing with Mosaic law, trying to teach creationism in our schools and superimpose christian values on our governments?

Sauce for the goose is NOT a horse of a different color!  Your friend could stand to learn more about the concept of secularism.

Pat, the LAST thing I expect a dogmatic christian to do is CHANGE.

As for everyone wanting to be "Theo," I wonder if that isn't a product of their insecurity about their faith.  I mean, this is why they gather about those who believe the same - for reinforcement, and the best way to insulate themselves against disagreement is To Have EVERYONE Believe The Same.

They're so involved in their pitfall that they can't see that it is one.

But of course - that's SOP!

Congratulations on replying the way you did.  We have to do whatever we can do.

Did you see the status I shared about a week ago where a RL friend of mine emailed me and told me that "Satan is the one who wants to remind us of our failings.  To feel guilt over it.  He prowls like a lion in the night to steal our joy.  Jesus wants us to feel his forgiveness and move on."

This is a grown woman with children she's responsible for raising, thinking and talking like this, it creeped me out so badly that I have just ignored her. This was part of her response to me after finding out that I'm an atheist.... you know, the kind of friend that if she writes me back again will get not only the boot, but the foot up the ass with her book on it.... I've had it with stupid and saving stupid's feelings.....  That's what I get for being gracious, accepting and considering her feelings... long story.... I try to just love my friends and family no matter how I feel about their imaginary friends, but they don't seem to be adult enough to extend the same consideration to others....

Did you hear what George Zimmerman said about killing Treyvon Martin this morning? I kid you not, he said, "It was Gods will"!!! /shakes head... insanity.... and they did a story on one woman's NDE this morning on the Today show, she was talking about how 'JESUS' was there with her, helping her! A classic case of mental illness but on the news and being fed to us as something worthy of consideration!!! The U.S. has gone batshit insane!

I need to find a 'bat' cave to hide in for a while!

I have a cousin in Louisiana who sent 3 or 4 “jebus emails” a day the subject line was usually FWD:FWD:FWD “some asshole idea” and a closing plea to send this important information to all your friends (or friends in Christ). I made the mistake of replying at length to one of the “This is a Christian Nation” rants. Bad idea – my cousin forwarded it to all his loony friends and I a got of deluge of emails from the loons – wanting to save me, condemning me to the fires of hell and trying to “reason” with me.....etc. The cousin went on my spam list.

Oh I just hate those "forward this" emails.


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