The Young Turks' commentary on Michele Bachmann's comment about God mandating that good Christian women are submissive to their husbands.


I'm wondering what the secular community thinks of these remarks by Michele Bachmann about how women need to be submissive to their husbands, and receive permission from the husband to attend school or pursue their dreams in that fashion. Obviously this woman is anti-feminist and has utterly no chance of winning the candidacy. And if she did, I'd be leaving America before anybody else because it would absolutely seal our cultural doom.


I furthermore want your thoughts of her tripping over herself to reconcile the idea of 'being a submissive woman' with it meaning 'being respectful'. I made a comment on Facebook earlier today that couples should respect each other, and if her definition stands, then her husband must also say he's submissive to his wife. Otherwise she admits he does not respect her.

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Oh yeah -- heard that on the radio today.  I think women should not be submissive, but should be treated as equals.  Yuck is all I can think of when I heard her comments!  I think she was covering for herself when she started to talk about respect.  She had said earlier in an interview that her husband told her to study Tax Law and she really didn't want to -- but she was submissive to him and decided to obey him.
I think that Bachmann's views of 'traditional' marriage will distance her from a lot of Americans.   She may be able to charm her Evangelical fan base but most Americans find this "wife as submissive to husband" not only backward, but offensive.   I agree with you that she "tripped all over herself" when she tried to equate "submissive" to "respectful".  Those 2 words are not synonomous.  By any stretch of the imagination.   But no matter what her private relationship to her husband is, she was not an active member of Congress and her record shows it.  She's a charismatic person and seems to appeal to conservatives when she's on a stage with a microphone but her divisive comments will be her downfall.  She is not presidential material.
Palin 2.0. New and improved and twice as defective. Just saying.

We'll be seeing Bachmann on the Fox News payroll eventually....or some cable Christian News Programming...or both.  She's photogenic...sort of...depending on the look in her eye.  Did you hear about the controversial photo of her on the August Newsweek magazine:

It is kind of amusing and I'll probably buy the issue as a 'souvenir' of female presidential candidates to show my grandkids some day...when female candidates won't be so rare and unusual....I'm hoping. 

Haha, wasn't that due to the newsweek editor saying the photo is meant to show how she is galvanizing Iowa, but the picture clearly doesn't do that? xD
Like I read someplace, our focus shouldn't be on the crazy eyes, it should be on the crazy.


sigh, I'm in lughv... again...w/a freethoughtgal; shux...

When I heard Rep. Bachmann offering her definition of "submissive" as some mysterious variant of "respectful", I realized I was hearing Bible apologetics from an Oral Roberts University pro! But no matter how much lipstick one puts on that pig (the Biblical injunction of marital submission, not the lady), it still remains an absurdity incapable of being meaningfully moderated. It is what it ain't R-E-S-P-E-C-T---it's submission.

Bachmann is more or less a looney pandering puppet. In the case of her being a candidate, she won't win and she realistically she holds little relevance in the long run.


Now as for whether or not women should be submissive to their husbands, this idiot continues to show her idiotic pandering to her very loud base. Both people of the marriage shouldn't be submissive but rather treat each other out of respect and love, meaning there's nothing wrong with giving your wife/husband a massage but it should be out of love and respect, not out of fear or simply because "he/she told me to do it." Honestly I wish she didn't have such a big microphone. She hurts my brain.

She hurts my brain too but the more she talks, the more we can hear what her agenda is...and she will dig her own little grave with the majority of the American public.  Bachmann needs to be held accountable for her words and her worldview.  This part of the political process is meant to shake up the candidates and see who rises to the top.  She is only relevant because the Tea Party is relevant: Populist Rage is all the Rage.  As long as she keeps the support of that segment of the American public, she will be relevant.  Unfortunately.
The media just needs to take the spotlight off her, but since they want more views/ratings, they won't. Sigh, fml




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