The Young Turks' commentary on Michele Bachmann's comment about God mandating that good Christian women are submissive to their husbands.


I'm wondering what the secular community thinks of these remarks by Michele Bachmann about how women need to be submissive to their husbands, and receive permission from the husband to attend school or pursue their dreams in that fashion. Obviously this woman is anti-feminist and has utterly no chance of winning the candidacy. And if she did, I'd be leaving America before anybody else because it would absolutely seal our cultural doom.


I furthermore want your thoughts of her tripping over herself to reconcile the idea of 'being a submissive woman' with it meaning 'being respectful'. I made a comment on Facebook earlier today that couples should respect each other, and if her definition stands, then her husband must also say he's submissive to his wife. Otherwise she admits he does not respect her.

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Who are you?
Are you really are member of AN? It's just that your comment above, while certainly candid, was anything but thoughtful IMHO. I guess rationality in matters of religion does not automatically grant immunity from rude commenting in general. Was it supposed to be satirical? I don't get it. What you're suggesting is nonsense.


He is not a troll, and I'm sick and tired of people misusing that label. However ridiculous and unsavory his views, he us sincere in his belief in them, and his purpose here is to promote them.
Please stop labeling people as trolls when they are not. That is just name calling, and is not productive.

Thanks! Haha.
Tired of people misusing the label?


Learn the definition, then.


It doesn't matter if he's sincere in his beliefs, he knows they upset people and he throws unnecessary opinions into posts (muslims conquering America and 'setting things straight') because he knows they'll upset people. Troll.

This entire discussion thread is the legacy of feverish male chauvinism from that old irascible fool, St. Paul, AKA Saul of Tarsus, who had an obsessive aversion to women bordering upon psychopathology. It is Paul who is responsible for centuries of justification for patriarchy and misogyny by the Church.
When asked if young men should marry, he replied it was better to be single as he was...but...
"It is better to marry than to burn [with sexual desire]..." This was Paul's loving answer to the young men of Corinth. The Bible is a blueprint for rationalizing everything from slavery to genocide...and, of course, the
subjugation of women.



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