The Young Turks' commentary on Michele Bachmann's comment about God mandating that good Christian women are submissive to their husbands.


I'm wondering what the secular community thinks of these remarks by Michele Bachmann about how women need to be submissive to their husbands, and receive permission from the husband to attend school or pursue their dreams in that fashion. Obviously this woman is anti-feminist and has utterly no chance of winning the candidacy. And if she did, I'd be leaving America before anybody else because it would absolutely seal our cultural doom.


I furthermore want your thoughts of her tripping over herself to reconcile the idea of 'being a submissive woman' with it meaning 'being respectful'. I made a comment on Facebook earlier today that couples should respect each other, and if her definition stands, then her husband must also say he's submissive to his wife. Otherwise she admits he does not respect her.

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Yeah absolutely. Btw, no use in arguing with MT, he is... well, really beyond words, at least any nice ones. Best thing to do is just ignore him.
The main 'beef' I have with Ms. Bachmann is her religious madness. Other than that she's not that repellant as a person me anyway. I respect her for her commitment to her own education... and how can anyone dismiss the authenticity of her demonstrable steadfastness in adopting all those kids? I respect her motives, which are at least, as far as I can tell, unalloyed to greed or lust for power. Having said that, I loathe her political beliefs which are dangerously flawed like all medieval evangelicals, allied as they inevitably are with rabid conservatism.
Isn't it revealing that wherever there is a 'fly in the ointment' of civilization...religion isn't far away? Religion is such a powerfully distorting disease that people who ask outspoken atheists why they bother to attack religion don't even begin to get it!
Sounds good to me.  Of course this has nothing to do with God.  It is human nature that in a sound stable relationship, the wife would be submissive.  In modern society, women are raised to be sluts/bitches, not wives, so these women are not submissive.

I would add that it is politically pointless to try to save Western culture.  Let it rot and eventually be conquered by Islam.  The Muslim conquerors will restore sanity to the relations between the sexes.
Yes Muslim societies are progressing so well, aren't they?   I mean, first they invented the "zero", and then after that they...well...Hmmmm....I guess the absolute pinnacle of the social structure you admire so much was "zero".

Also, what has happened in the Middle East since last week when you posted this, that has transformed it from "totally dysfunctional" to "sane"? 
"And while I think Islamic culture is marginally better than liberal Western culture, I suggest that anyone considering Islam as an alternative first visit an Islamic country.  I have been to Egypt and Jordan, and they are totally dysfunctional.  Islam has its own problems."
That's a lot of progess for 7 days. could just be a fool.

Yes, that's it.  A fool who chooses weak-willed female partners so as not to threaten his own insecure self-image.

Yup, that about sums it up.

As a man, I can say if you are intimidated by a female in your relationship or that you NEED someone who is submissive, then you are NOT worth the salt in your body. Respect given is respect earned...
Yep.  Weak men seek submissive women.
Fschmidt: I hope you're kidding here with that 'human nature' statement.  I happen to like living in a modern, secular Western culture.  I am not raising my daughter to be submissive, to be a bitch, or to be a slut.  (Do we get any more choices or stereotypes out of your little grab bag?) And what is this sanity you refer to between the sexes? Can't we be equal partners?  Gender equality is a progressive cultures where there is gender equality there are indicators of more civil liberties and more civil rights.

Who are you?
Are you really are member of AN? It's just that your comment above, while certainly candid, was anything but thoughtful IMHO. I guess rationality in matters of religion does not automatically grant immunity from rude commenting in general. Was it supposed to be satirical? I don't get it. What you're suggesting is nonsense.


He is not a troll, and I'm sick and tired of people misusing that label. However ridiculous and unsavory his views, he us sincere in his belief in them, and his purpose here is to promote them.
Please stop labeling people as trolls when they are not. That is just name calling, and is not productive.

Thanks! Haha.
Tired of people misusing the label?


Learn the definition, then.


It doesn't matter if he's sincere in his beliefs, he knows they upset people and he throws unnecessary opinions into posts (muslims conquering America and 'setting things straight') because he knows they'll upset people. Troll.



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