(What I'm about to say isn't a complete coming out, but I feel it's significant enough to share here.)

I was on YouTube today, when I came across a Multilanguage video of the song "When You Believe", from the DreamWorks animated movie "The Prince of Egypt." A little background, that's actually one of my favorite movies. (I hope I don't get shunned for liking a movie about Moses, or the fact that it's an animated movie, and I'm in my twenties, and I still like animated movies.)

Anyway, I commented that I'm not the most Religious person there is, but that I still enjoy the song and the movie. Now, that comment, however subtle it is, (I didn't even mention the words atheist and atheism)  was one of the few references I've made to my atheism online (Apart for the stuff I've posted here, of course. ) Again, it's not a complete coming out, but I feel that it's a start.

I'm curious as to what the rest of you think of what I did.

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Good for you! Would love to hear the comments that follow yours.

I suspect that it will go unnoticed, b/c the statement would probably be uttered by many religious people as well! Who among them really considers themselves "THE most religious," or even "very religious"? Though it's possible your FB contacts are Fundies.

My godmother once said something referring to god, and I said, "If there IS a god," and she responded, "Bite your tongue godchild!" but with mock indignation, like she didn't really think I would disbelieve! I haven't brought it up since, though it's obvious my husband and I don't go to church.

Yeah, I don't think many people will pay much attention to my comment. And it wasn't until I posted it that I realized that what I said is often used by religious people. At the time it sounded like a good way to allude to my atheism without raising many suspicions. Thanks for your input.

I was never in, so I never felt the experience of coming out. I was (still am) the only atheist in my family, despite a childhood of going to church every week, including choir, Sunday school, youth group summer camps, etc., and going to a Jesuit high school. It was no secret what I was. I remember being in sixth grade and openly telling my best friend and his mother (staunch Catholics) that there is no god as she was driving us to some event. She went apeshit, so I rolled the window down and shouted at the sky YOU DON'T EXIST! Trust me, you can rail against an imaginary deity all day long, and there will be no repercussions. The worst that will happen is that you will give some people the willies and they will tell you that they're going to pray for you. If you really want to drive the point home, tell them "fine, then I'll think for you."

At work, I told two Christian co-workers that I'm a lapsed catholic, more of a secular humanist. They asked if I'm a humanist or an atheist, or what the difference is. I said that I'm actually an atheist, but many of us use the "humanist" label b/c the "A word" is considered a terrible thing among the religious. So "humanist" is less harsh to their ears.

They didn't seem terribly surprised, but they're in their 30s, so it shouldn't be a total shock. I get along great with them still. To a younger person's ears "atheist" sounds worse I'm sure.


The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that good animation is good no matter what your age. I'm 51 and like well-drawn works with important stories. Heck, most movies are more than half CGI anyway, and one recent mega-blockbuster was 90% animated (Avatar).

As for the real Avatar, as in, The Last Airbender, I consider it to be a very important work of literature. I can hardly wait for the next "book" of Korra. One of my favorite animes is, "Last Exile."

Disney animations are about the only place you can find musicals in the cinema anymore. "Friend Like Me," from "Aladdin" and Belle's song at the beginning of "Beauty and the Beast" are some of the best tunes out there. The intro sequence to "Up," of the couple's life, is a real tear-jerker.

Nope. No reason you should ever feel "less than" for liking animation, no matter how old you are.


As for "coming out as an atheist" - don't waste your time. Atheism is not a world view, so telling people that you are an atheist is pointless. Rather than identifying yourself based on what you don't believe, you should identify yourself based on what you do believe. Are you a Rationalist? A Rational Materialist? A Secular Humanist? The best use of your time is to decide what you believe, what that belief means to how you are going to live your life, and decide what label (if any) you want to apply to that.

For example, Buddhists are atheists, but they never say that about themselves. When you ask them about their worldview, they say they are Buddhists. Same with Jains and Taoists and Confucianists. If you had decided to become a Buddhist, would you feel the need to call it "coming out as a Buddhist"?

Atheism is not a worldview, but everyone has a worldview, no matter what they name it. Most worldviews have names, because people have been thinking about these things for a long, long time and people like to apply labels to things and ideas - it just makes them easier to carry around. So, figure out what you believe and decide what you want to call it. Then tell people what you are, rather than wasting time telling people what you are not.

Thanks for reading.

Everyone comes out in their own time and their own way.  You did good.

aahhh, it is a personal thing... everyone's situation is different, but like a bad marriage... the best thing to do is to end it asap... period!!!  Some fallout will result with some people... but believe me they are the ones that you never needed in the first place!

I was in a meeting a couple of months ago and someone mentions that a specific person (that is a supplier to our business) is such a nice person and that he will go the extra mile for you etc etc ... but that he is an ATHEIST!!!???  I nearly collapsed... I told the speaker that I'm one too and that I thought everybody was aware of it. .. a deadly silence lasted for about 15sec... What does religion got to do with business and if he is such an upstanding guy why not do business with him in the first place? 

lol... Well that was how I 'came out' at my workplace! 




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