Such a God Assumes You've Done Something to Feel Guilty About, or You Wouldn't Be Worshiping Him

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And don't forget addressing priests as "Father". That has always sounded so creepy to me!

Oh, but Father knows best, remember?  And he knows SO MUCH MORE about the bible and the will of their deity than the poor old average Joe does ... and that's JUST the way they like it.

And, for a percentage of your annual income, they'll gladly explain the mystical arcana of the Big Book of Jewish and Christian Fairy Tales to you.

10% is acceptable. But if you really want to get in right with the big guy upstairs, it has to be 20%.

No wonder these guys get so worked up about taxes. They're already out 1/5th of their income....

Hadn't thought about it that way.  Thanks.

Totally don't understand what it is to have religion in your life. Only the intense fear that someone might force it on me some day. Oh... try to force it on me.




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