Such small minded people...this is what I had to grow up with

this letter to the editor makes me want to throw up
christian religion was just stolen from several others predating it.  why are these people so blind as to thinking that the united states is a 'christian nation'?  there was a reason why our founding fathers created separation of church and state, REGARDLESS of their own religious beliefs.  why do these people insist that this makes us a christian nation?  or that 'symbols of christianity are EVERYWHERE in our government'.  whoopdie effin' doo.  there are a lot of symbols from other cultures along with christian symbols as well.  can't help if architects of buildings who implemented symbols on them were religious or whoever designed the dollar put 'in god we trust'.  I don't trust in god, why should i have to see it on my dollar?  oh, because it's been there for however long and i don't really give a shit about it enough to make a scene and brag about it like christians do.  it's like their only argument for religion being tied to government.  they're just words.  they don't mean anything.  actions do.  and what i don't get is that there are so many other people in the US who practice OTHER religions.  why does ANYONE, christian, muslim, jewish, etc etc think their religion is above others and the ONLY one that should be practiced?  how intolerant and small minded is that?  NO religion should be practiced.  we'd probably be flying in hover cars and be further in medical science if it weren't for religion.

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Agreed. People see what they want to see.
"Johnson’s Great Society to give entitlements to the poor has taught us that taking away self-reliance increases welfare dependence"

Doesn't sound very 'Christian' to me. Strange how christian conservatives always seem to espouse the most punative policies when it comes to helping the less fortunate or sharing wealth. They're such idiots they don't even realize their own hypocrisy most of the time.
What absolutely kills me is that all the christian pro-lifers that are anti-welfare. Hello??? You can't have it both ways - they want to be able to force a woman to give birth and have absolutely no assistance for raising the child she couldn't afford/didn't want in the first place. So apparently "life" is only precious and important before it exits the womb?

::Sigh:: will logic and compassion ever prevail?
Exactly. Once you've exited the womb, the sins of your father are placed on you, and you're doomed to hell. So you deserve to suffer. >.>

Why would they? Logic requires thinking which is too much hard work. And compassion goes against every selfish instinct.
And compassion goes against every selfish instinct.

I guess my instincts really suck, then....
It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but in a way still true. Children start off selfish. "I want x and I want it now." Then they learn that they can benefit more from sharing. Which then leads into compassion, both from education and the development of the prefrontal cortex. Selfishness is still a basic part of nature, though.
Selfishness is absolutely necessary for self-preservation and self-advancement. What I think some people forget is that you almost always have something left over, something to spare ... I'd like to think for someone else ... and there is something to be said for the emotional feedback derived from giving of yourself for someone else's benefit.
Yep. And the pro-lifers are also first in line to vote for the death penalty. Never mind that the Innocence Project has used DNA evidence to overturn the conviction of hundreds of death row inmates who were wrongfully convicted, most of them minorities.
Institutional racism. A big portion of the issue, though, is that minorities are less likely to be able to afford adequate representation. I'm most annoyed by the party laws. There is someone on death row in Texas who did not murder anyone. He acted as the storage unit for his gang. When they asked him for guns, he provided them, then spent the night with his girlfriend. The next day, he was arrested.
What I laugh at is that the majority of men who wrote and signed the Constitution into place were deists, not Christians.
i'm glad i have this website to turn to. i commented on the article and i was just bombarded by nasty, negative comments. definitely the 'christian way'. thanks to all of you for being smart, open minded people who i can rant to :P
jeez, i never thought of that. that's like a whole other topic haha




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